Winter 2004

The online edition of Illinois Wesleyan University Magazine contains links to feature stories and other highlights from our most recent issue. On our Winter 2004 cover, shown above, are Matt Martin ’07, Alaina Marth ’08, and Mary Miller ’07, striking poses as part of a chorus of Furies from an ancient Greek tragedy. (Photo by Mark Romine)

The true past

Professor Nancy Sultan is among a generation of classics scholars who are breathing new life into the study of ancient texts.

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Classic Scholar

A (mid)life worth living

Patricia Healy Locke ’76 writes about how middle age can be a crossroads that allows us the chance to find out who we really are.

* WEB EXTRA: To read Patricia Locke’s interviews with other alumni who have made midlife changes, click here.

Shifting course

Up in the air

Richard Cebula ’78 leads a team that is processing and analyzing data from a NASA mission to determine the health of Earth’s protective ozone layer.

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Global warnings

Time and again

We follow the class of ’84 on its journey to the past and back again for Homecoming Reunion 2004.

Reunion deja vu

Department Highlights

Research in the real world

From our "Scientia and Sapientia" section: The new Action Research Center brings learning into the Bloomington/Normal community. 

One stitch at a time

From our "Behind the Scenes" section: Student designers create clothing to fit some of modern theatre’s most timeless characters. 

Research in action

Costume challenge

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