Summer 2004

The online edition of Illinois Wesleyan University Magazine contains links to feature stories and other highlights from our most recent issue. On our Summer 2004 cover (shown above) is alumnus Michael Mason, who leads the FBI's Washington, D.C., Field Office. (Photo by Hilary Schwab)

Feature Stories 

Proof positive

Cases involving counterterrorism, homicides, and white-collar crimes fill alumnus Michael Mason’s day as head of the FBI’s Washington, D.C., field office.

Fighting crime

"We had a job to do...."

Two Illinois Wesleyan School of Nursing alumni saved lives and made history as nurses in Iraq. 

Duty calls

Bird watch

IWU researchers’ discovery of pesticides in songbirds and other wildlife has disturbing implications for humans.

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Ecology lookout

A true classic

University alumni join to celebrate the 100th birthday of English Professor Emeritus Elizabeth Oggel.

Guest of honor

Department Highlights

Living history

From our "Student Life" section: Civil War reenactor Matt Cassady ’06 experiences the tough, everyday life of a Union soldier. 

A world of difference

From our "Commentary" section: Carlina Tapia-Ruano ’77 shares the hardships and triumphs that await America’s newest immigrants.

Weekend warrior

Strong advocate

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