Spring 2004

On our Spring 2004 cover (shown above), physics majors Andrea Bulkley ’06 and Jason Forster ’05 are shown. The two are part of a research group led by IWU Professor Gabriel Spalding.

A Different Light

Physics professor Gabriel Spalding and his students use lasers to move matter in the microscopic world.

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Bright ideas

Road Show

We take the bus with some of Titan basketball’s biggest fans. 

Titan fans forever

Preserving the Past

At the University’s Tate Archives & Special Collections, a wealth of historical material is waiting to be explored.

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Archival miners

A Flood of Creativity

In the campus journal Tributaries, students’ literary ambitions flow freely.

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Writer's voices

Our Galactic Backyard

IWU Professor Linda French believes humanity can learn about our Universe without the risks of manned spaceflight.

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Final frontiers

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