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Winter 2004

What's inside

Students and professors bring the classics to life

The class of 1984 reunites,
twenty years later

Changing careers at midlife

Understanding the ozone layer

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  Fall 2004

What's inside

A profile of Richard Wilson,
Illinois Wesleyan's new president

How students handle academic stress

Fall Festival connects students with their alma mater

One alumnus' journey through
the Himalayas
, in photos

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 Summer 2004

What's inside

One alumnus fights crime with the FBI

Faculty research offers insight
into the relationship between
birds and pesticides

Saving lives in Iraq

Bringing the Civil War to life

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 Spring 2004

What's inside

Physics professor uses light to
move microscopic matter

A ride on the Titan fan bus

Preserving the University's history

Literary magazines offer
students creative outlets

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