MORE from the Titan kitchens

Writer Nancy Steele Brokaw ’71 reveals some holiday recipes ... and a 1970 recipe for mystery meat.

DON’ T TRY THIS AT HOME! Chef Craig’s IWU Thanksgiving Dinner for 1,100

60 pounds cranberry relish
30 pounds exotic greens, tossed in 3 gallons raspberry vinaigrette
378 pounds cornbread dressing
420 pounds turkey breast
18 gallons shiitake mushroom sauce, reduced with 5 pounds shallots and 1 case imported Madeira wine, finished with 1 gallon of cream
350 pounds of cooked russet potatoes whipped with 9 gallons of milk and 12 pounds of butter
110 pounds of cooked sweet potatoes, whipped with 10 pounds brown sugar, 1 gallon half & half, 6 pounds butter and piped onto 650 pineapple rings
120 pounds of a blend of green beans, fresh pearl onions and button mushrooms, cooked with 10 pounds of garlic basil butter, seasoned with 2 cups of salt
70 pounds Waldorf salad
40 pounds 3-bean salad
30 pounds of cheese and fresh fruit
60 pumpkin pies
15 pumpkin cheesecakes
15 filled pumpkin roll cakes
15 apple pies

TALK ABOUT SCARY! How would you like to come up with these Halloween treats?

350 caramel apples
450 popcorn balls
80-pound pumpkin-shaped and decorated cake
60-pound, 5-foot by 3-foot “Spider” cake

IT WASN’T MYSTERY MEAT, AFTER ALL! A 1970 recipe for salisbury steak (serves 100)

2 pounds, 8 ounces onions, diced fine
1 pound green pepper, diced fine
3/4 cups shortening
2 pounds bread crumbs
7 1/2 cups milk
1 dozen eggs
2/3-cup salt
2 tablespoons pepper
25 pounds ground beef

  1. Saut onions and green peppers in shortening until tender. Remove from heat. Stir in breadcrumbs, milk, slightly beaten eggs, salt and pepper.
  2. Pour crumb mixture over beef. Mix by hand until well blended.
  3. Shape into 5-ounce oblong patties.
  4. Brown on both sides on well greased moderate grill until medium rare. (About 3 minutes on each side.)
  5. Cascade in neat rows in 12” x 20” x 2” steam table pans. Bake at 325 degree for 30 minutes.
  6. Serve 1 patty with 2 ounces of mushroom sauce or Spanish sauce.