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Fall 2003

On our Fall 2003 cover (shown above), the late President Minor Myers’ love of books was expressed in his drive to build the new Ames Library. (Illustration by Allan M. Burch).


“...Go Forth and Do Good”

On what was to have been the first day of classes in a new academic year, Illinois Wesleyan paused to pay tribute to President Minor Myers, jr., who died on July 22, 2003.
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Minor Myers’ mission was both to transform Illinois Wesleyan and to fulfill its most cherished dreams. Go to story.

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An Era of Achievement

During Minor Myers’ 14-year administration, IWU became a national model of excellence in the liberal arts. 

Making a Name for Herself

Demetria Kalodimos ’81 keeps her journalistic edge as a news anchor in one of the nation’s largest television markets. To also read about her novel documentary-film work, click here. 

Promise Fulfilled

Student volunteers help struggling teens find academic success. 

Destination Cuba

IWU students explore a nation on the brink of change. 

Let the Good Old Times Roll

Ted Lemen ’69 keeps the past alive and singing. 

Myers remembered

Strong anchor

Visions of Cuba

Hats off to ragtime

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Web Extra

To read more about Minor Myers' life and legacy, click here. The site includes photos, speeches, and audio clips from Myers’ administration, a bulletin board to share memories of the late President, and a collection of postings from that board.

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