Nancy Zabel Thompson ’73, Sheldon Thompson ’71

As a second semester transfer
She was being scouted from afar
By a Junior P.E. major who
Was also a basketball star.

He had a mutual friend call her.
They arranged for a blind date.
They’d be introduced after a game.
Destiny had her for his future mate.

As she entered the gym and glanced
At the team with roving eyes,
She inquired, “Which one is my date?”
“That one,” someone responded, “the guy with the thighs.”

The date went well for the couple.
They talked until after midnight.
She got late minutes at the SK house,
And he decided she was “Miss Right.”

In 1972 she married
This guy of basketball fame.
You may recognize the player;
Sheldon Thompson is his name.

Thirty years of marriage,
Their children number three.
They still enjoy the IWU games.
Look around—this couple you’ll probably see.

—Submitted by Nancy Zabel Thompson ’73 (husband is Sheldon Thompson ’71)