Natasha Mattingly Theobald '96, Jeremy Theobald ’96

Jeremy Theobald '96 asked me to attend his formal for Sigma Pi our freshman year -- just friends. The dance was in Chicago, April 17, 1993. The group first went to see the Cubs play the Rockies. We were both mistaken as deserving the gift for kids 12 and under and still have thermoses emblazoned with the Cubs logo. We went to the dance and, later, joined a group on a late night cab ride to Rock 'n Roll McDonalds. The next day we had pizza at Gino's East and strolled through Niketown before returning home. Jeremy dropped me at Ferguson Hall with a hug and a "See you later." But, later that night, he called.

We spent the last month of the semester up until all hours of the morning, talking about everything and nothing in the lobby of Ferguson Hall. Then, he had to return home to work for the summer, while I stayed to work at Sheean Library. We survived that first summer apart and never have been apart again. We were married after graduation, in June, 1996, and we have a 3 year-old son, Cole. Our Illinois Wesleyan fairy tale has a happy ending that just doesn't end.

Response to follow-up e-mail from Natasha: Our place [that she associates with their relationship], initially, was the lobby of Pfeiffer, where I lived. We would stay up all night talking there. We also spent time in Magill, where he lived, and in Saga. We went to visit friends a bit in Dodds and spent a lot of time at his fraternity, Sigma Pi, where we met. What I would most associate with our relationship early on is I55 from here to Chicago. We started dating in April and lived apart for the summer. Almost every weekend, one of us would drive to see the other….If you need more information or detail, we're happy to help. — Submitted by Natasha Mattingly Theobald '96 (husband is Jeremy Theobald ’96)