Alice Sutter Temple ’40, Raymond Temple ’40

One October afternoon in 1937, my sophomore year at Wesleyan, my roommate Frank Soeka and I were sitting on the Sigma Chi front porch at 1102 N. Main. I saw a couple of cute girls walking to downtown Bloomington (this was the depth of the depression and no students had cars).

Frank said the blonde girl was “Winnie” Ellerton, his girlfriend. He thought the tall girl was Alice Sutter, a recent transfer from ISU and an Alpha Gam pledge. I told him I would like to meet Alice, so Winnie introduced us, and we went on a double date. That was the beginning of our IWU romance, almost 65 years ago.

On graduation day, I “pinned” Alice. I was drafted into the Army, and WWII was declared. I served five years, three of which I spent with the 5th Army fighting in North Africa and Italy. Alice was in Washington, D.C. and later San Francisco, working for the Navy Department. While in Italy, I sent Alice money to buy an engagement right. Later she told me I didn’t send enough money to buy the ring she wanted, but she bought one anyway.

Fortunately, she was faithful to me, and we were married when I returned to the States after the war was over. We were married in Towanda, Ill., and soon after, I was discharged from the service. We still enjoy going to Wesleyan basketball, baseball, Homecoming, etc.

Good ole IWU!— Submitted by Raymond Temple ’40 (wife is Alice Sutter Temple ’40)

[Also provided by Raymond Temple ’40]: