Chet and Helen Sheldon outside of Hedding Hall.

Helen McNicol Sheldon ’40 , Chet Sheldon ’43 *

Helen McNicol ’40 from Dixon, Ill., arrived on campus in 1936; Chet Sheldon ’43 from Rock Island arrived in 1937. They were married on August 17, 1941.

Pictured here, probably in the Spring of 1938, in front of Hedding Hall.

Helen lived with three other coeds in a house located where Evelyn Chapel now stands. Known as the four vice presidents, all equals, were Helen, Virginia Hendrix Challis ’40, Dorothy Jean Wilson Hostettler ’40, and Margaret White Sailor ’40. Chet’s roommate was William Challis ’39; our room was on Prairie Street just south of Ames Library. At one point, Bill said to Chet, “If I were not already serious about Virginia, I would sure take a look at Helen” (or words like that). In fact, Chet had already been looking! With little money in our pockets, we would often have “study dates” at one of the tables in Buck Library.

In 1941, we did a bit of switching of roommates. In August, Bill and Ginny stood up with the Sheldons; a month later on September 14, Chet and Helen stood up with the Challises. We continue to see each other quite often.

The Sheldons have three sons: Roger ’64, OKC; Gordon, Sarasota, Fla.; and Mark ’70, New York City. They also have four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

— Submitted by Chet Sheldon ’43 and Helen McNicol Sheldon ’40