Alicia Westwood Sackett '60, Ralph Sackett '60

How about starting a forty-six relationship in a sheet line? We have gotten a lot of laughs about this over the years. Anyone for "Wesleyan Trivia"? In the Fall of 1956, IWU provided a sheet service. Clean sheets once a week [for a fee, of course]for the semester. The line formed on the first day of Freshmen Week behind Pfeiffer Hall, and yep, there he was, beenie and all, right in front of me. I said I was there because I was too lazy to wash sheets and he said he was there because he could not afford to buy them!!!! I stuck with him anyway and four children and six grandchildren later we are both looking forward to retirement.

We have been in Champaign since 1977. Ralph is in the land development business and I recently retired from the Financial Aid Office at Parkland College. We often reflect on our IWU days. Wouldn't have missed it for the world! We watched all four of our children go off to college and our wish for them was that they would have the same wonderful experience we had at Wesleyan. — Submitted by Alicia Westwood Sackett '60 (Husband is Ralph Sackett '60)