Last fall, we invited alumni couples to "Share the Love" by submitting entries that described how they met and fell in love while attending IWU, and some 30 couples responded. A summary of their stories ran in the Winter/02 edition of IWU magazine (and can be read online by clicking here). But because we knew many alumni would enjoy reading the submissions in their entirety, we are providing links to those entries below. The names are presented alphabetically.

Thanks again to all our alumni for "sharing the love."—Tim Obermiller, Editor

* (Asterisk notes new entry submitted especially for this web site.)

Janice Snider Ahlers ’46, Harry Ahlers ’43

Sylvia Monti Anderson ’66, Joe Anderson ’67

Nancy Gruber Beaty ’96, Shawn Beaty ’96

Debbie Sowers Bliss ’72, Roger Bliss

Beth Hastie Burger ’95, Brent Burger ’95

Jane Johnson-Carr ’92, Andrew Carr ’92

Jean Esther Kendall Dale ’54, John Dale ’54

Denise Wachtl Dunbar ’90, Darryn W. Dunbar '90

LeAnne Stafford Edgeton ’78. Jim Edgeton ’78

Jodie Betts Gardner ’91, Eric Gardner ’89

Joanne Schneider Getty ’54, Jim Getty ’54

Jean Miller Hornberger ’44, Jack Hornberger ’44

Evelyn Cornelius Lantz ’41, Stanley Lantz ’39

Mary Cullings Lester '43, Richard Lester ’42

H. Michelle Privia Maloney '94, J. Brian Maloney ’95

Donna Copas Moravec ’83, Dave Moravec ’84

Winona Mefford Patterson '96, Adam Patterson '96

Sara Lee Willis Powell ’72, Charles Powell ’70

Lillian Harbert Roeske ’42, Franklin Roeske ’41

Alicia Westwood Sackett '60, Ralph Sackett '60

Helen McNicol Sheldon ’40 , Chet Sheldon ’43 *

Chrystal Krueger Brown Sinn ’31

Alice Sutter Temple ’40, Raymond Temple ’40

Natasha Mattingly Theobald '96, Jeremy Theobald ’96

Nancy Zabel Thompson ’73, Sheldon Thompson ’71

Phyllis Krahmer Tremper ’56, Frederick Tremper ’58

Carol Smith Tuschhoff ’48, Jack Tuschhoff ’45

Mary Hartwig Winn ’43, James Winn ’41

Bunny Bane Wood ’45, Tom Wood ’45

Kara Bigelow Zimmerman ’94, David Zimmerman ’92