H. Michelle Privia Maloney '94, J. Brian Maloney ’95

My husband (J. Brian Maloney '95) proposed to me on campus. We had been dating for about a year. He asked me out to dinner, but we had to walk across campus first because we had to meet his roommate to help him with his car. I wasn't happy about that because it was raining and I was dressed up! But I went, and when we got to Evelyn Chapel, his friend wasn't there yet. Brian suggested that we wait inside the chapel so we wouldn't get wet. I didn't like that idea either, because there were people inside practicing for a concert or something. He convinced me to go in and wait upstairs near the big window so we could see his friend arrive. By this time I wasn't very happy with him.

We went upstairs and sat down. Then he got down on one knee and proposed- what a shock! Obviously, I said yes. He told me to turn around and look outside. A white limousine was waiting, with champagne, to take us to dinner at Jim's Steakhouse. I stared at the ring all through dinner!

Afterwards, the limo drove us around town. I had told Brian prior to this night that I wanted my proposal to be something a little different- no rings in fortune cookies or that kind of thing- and I thought this was great. It was certainly memorable! — Submitted by H. Michelle Privia Maloney '94 (husband is J. Brian Maloney ’95)