Evelyn Cornelius Lantz ’41, Stanley Lantz ’39

Stanley and I met as freshmen in the fall of 1935 at the “GRIND,” the all-school dance in the Memorial Center gym. As we became acquainted with other students, we seemed to develop the same circle of friends. I worked for my room and board with a family that lived in the far southeastern section of Bloomington. I used the streetcar for transportation to the campus. Stanley worked for his meals at a local restaurant in the very southern edge of Main Street. We didn’t have much time for socializing that first year.

When we returned to the campus in 1936, we renewed our acquaintance while standing in the registration lines for classes. Attendance at Chapel (twice weekly) was required during those years. Seats were assigned for the purpose of checking attendance. Dr. Isaac Corn was Professor of Religious and was in charge of the seating for Chapel. Sophomores were all assigned to the balcony in Presser Hall (now Westbrook Auditorium).

When Stanley approached the Chapel assignment table, Dr. Corn asked him if he had a preference to be seated by a friend. Stanley pointed to me, who was in the same registration line but several students back, and asked that when “that young woman” came by, give her a seat by him. Of course, I knew nothing of this interchange and was surprised when I found my assigned seat at the first Chapel nest to Stanley! We renewed our friendship.

With the first event that called for our Activity Card for admission, Stanley asked for mine so we could go together. Well, he never returned it! Any ball game, any play, any visiting artist, or any concert, I had to go to with Stanley. As they say, the rest is history.

Of course, it wasn’t all happiness and laughter. Over the years, we dated others, but realized we were serious about each other and were married February 16, 1941. We celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2001. We have one daughter and three grandchildren.

— Submitted by Evelyn Cornelius Lantz ’41, (husband is Stanley Lantz ’39)