Joanne Schneider Getty ’54, Jim Getty ’54

Not the '70's, '80's or '90's; try two people in 1950, the Centennial Year of I.W.U. A boy, Jim Getty, from Colfax, IL met a girl, Joanne Schneider, from Kansas, IL at the freshman orientation week "grind". They were introduced by Joanne's roommate, Judy Gomien Kruse, who had graduated from high school with Jim.

A first date on Feb. 11, 1951 (Jim had been initiated into Phi Mu Alpha that morning) and a late evening date on March 10, the day Joanne was initiated into Alpha Gamma Delta are well remembered.

Music played a huge role in this first year at Wesleyan. Voice major, Jim, was involved in Collegiate Choir, University Chorus, Opera Workshop and singing in churches and at various events, concluding the year by singing his second summer in the St. Louis Municipal Opera Chorus.

Joanne played alto sax in Marching Band, 2nd Band and for basketball games and sang in the University Chorus under Dr. Lloyd Pfautsch. Many dates included concerts, recitals, operas, musical – sometimes not together as Joanne sat in the audience at the Consistory watching Jim on stage as Captain Zuniga in Carmen.

Other dates involved walking (few cars on campus) downtown to the movies, seeing each other in social studies class in the basement of Jim's dorm, Magill Hall, which had been built in 1948, and attending sorority and fraternity parties and dances.

Joanne's dorm, Pfeiffer Hall (also built in 1948) had sign-out and sign-in sheets with the doors locked and outside lights off at quite early hours. For big dance parties Joanne took overnights; staying at her Aunt Al's (Alberta Carnine King - AGD -graduate of I.W.U.) in Bloomington or at her grandfather's (Albert Guy Carnine, a retired Methodist Minister - I.W.U. former Field Secretary, Business Mgr. during the crucial 1920's fund-raising period), around the corner on Clinton Blvd.

Many of the rehearsals, concerts and music classes, of course, were in Presser Hall (started in 1927 and completed in 1930 - a time when Joanne's parents, Velma Carnine Schneider, 1932 and Charles F. Schneider, 1932 were attending Wesleyan). Joanne and Jim were pinned on May 4, 1951. (Nothing like a Phi Mu Alpha serenade.)

Then came fall semester as sophomores - the excitement of an undefeated football season - Joanne in Marching Band, study, and finding some time for dates. A bit farther to walk on those dates as the Phi Mu House being to the distant south and the Alpha Gam House to the far north. Really great in autumn walking through those leaves. Were engaged at the AGD House November 25.

Marriage was in a small, Methodist Church in Grandview, IL at the end of the semester on Jan. 19, 1952. Sister of Joanne, Beverly Schneider Deterding, 1957 AGD, and brother of the bride, Albert Schneider, 1952 Sigma Chi were maid of honor and best man. Many I.W.U. classmates were in the wedding and attended the wedding.

After four navy years during the Korean Conflict, it was back to Wesleyan, bringing along 2 and 3/4 children. Lived briefly in Ardie (AGD) and Henry Charles' (PMA) home between the SAI and PMA Houses. Joanne and Jim were the second AGD/PMA marriage at Wesleyan.

Moved to 512 University—one block from Presser Hall. (Joanne's mother had lived there and had been married in the living room.)

In 1958 Jim received his BME. Later, while teaching in St. Charles, IL he secured his MM at Wesleyan. During his 19 years of teaching high school choral music, he returned to campus with students to audition for Music School there.

The past 25 years have been spent in Gettysburg, PA where he portrays Abraham Lincoln and still is an active speaker, both in Gettysburg and around the country.

Four children, seven grandchildren, and two great grandsons have come from this union. On Jan. 19, 2002 fifty years of marriage were celebrated with the family in Dublin, OH.

Managed to return to Bloomington for several Homecomings. The spirit of I.W.U. has held a permanent love and appreciation in the lives of both; fond memories of students and faculty, the AGD and PMA Houses and Presser Hall. So grateful to have enrolled at Wesleyan in September of the proud, Centennial Year!

— Submitted by Jim Getty ’54, Joanne Schneider Getty ’54