Jean Esther Kendall Dale ’54, John Dale ’54

We met as freshmen at Illinois Wesleyan in the fall of 1950 —Jean Esther coming from Danville, Ill., and John from Pekin. We had most of the usual freshman classes together —most notably, Mr. Bettger’s first-year German class, which met on the second floor of Old North.

Although we had met in September, we didn’t have our first date until almost the end of our freshman year —in April 1951. It was to go to a Sigma Chi party at the old “Great White Mansion,” 1102 North Main Street.

After our freshman year, Jean Esther transferred to the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana to major in library science, and John continued at Illinois Wesleyan. Both graduated in 1954. After John’s first year in graduate seminary at Boston University, we were married in May 1955.

Now, after 46 years of marriage—and three daughters, one son, five grandchildren, and over 40 years of ministry—we are “enjoying retirement.”

Of the many great things which we received from Illinois Wesleyan many years ago, finding each other there as very young freshmen is surely at the top of the list. — Jean Esther Kendall Dale ’54, John Dale ’54