Jane Johnson-Carr ’92, Andrew Carr ’92

I saw the note in the summer issue of IWU magazine about how alumni couples met and fell in love at IWU. My name is Jane Johnson-Carr (Johnson) and my husband is Andrew Carr. We are members of the class of 1992. Below is our story.

My husband and I met the first week of classes our freshman year at IWU. We were in the Thursday morning lab section of general chemistry and ended up across the lab bench from each other. We were chemistry lab partners that fall and in a physics project group together. It took us about 6 months to realize that there was definitely a chemistry between us. We officially started dating in March of 1993, but I discovered several years later that we had our first date during Jan Term 1993 (it met all the criteria of a date, I just didn't realize at the time it was a date).

We both majored in chemistry (I double majored in physics and he minored in physics), so we had lots of classes together and studied together a lot. We both applied to 8 graduate schools and chose to attend the University of Pittsburgh for our Ph.D. work.

We were married at the beginning of our third year of graduate school in a unique ceremony. We both enjoy fantasy novels, so we decided our wedding would have a medieval/renaissance theme. Andrew and his groomsmen were dressed as knights, with shields and tabards and the bridesmaids were dressed in long flowing gowns. My father (whose first name is Arthur) was dressed as a king (King Arthur) and Andrew's parents were dressed as a king and queen. Our pastor was dressed as a monk. It was a fairy tale wedding.

We received our Ph.D.'s in 1998 and both went on to post-doc at Yale University. In 2000, we both accepted faculty positions at Austin College in Sherman, TX. I interviewed for my position in December 2000 and during the interview I learned that a second position, for an organic chemist, had just opened up. Andrew turned down offers from two other schools so that I could accept the position at Austin College. We hoped that Andrew would receive an interview and offer from Austin College later in the academic year; he did. Andrew teaches general and organic chemistry and has an active undergraduate research group and I teach general, inorganic and analytical chemistry. This spring, our first child was born. — Submitted by Jane Johnson-Carr ’92 (husband is Andrew Carr ’92