LGBQA TGNC Student Life

L is for Lesbian G is for Gay B is for Bisexual T is for Trans Q is for Queer I is for Intersex A is for Asexual A is for Asexual


At IWU, we often say LGBQA TGNC to represent a very broad spectrum of identities and self-understandings.  In fact, the thing we may have most in common as a queer community, is that each of us understands our sexual orientation and gender identity as a unique reflection of our experiences, feelings and biology.  Further, our identities as underrepresented sexual minorities intersect with other identities grounded in race or ethnicity, faith, social class or standing, just to name a few.  Coming to know, understand and express who we are is one of the major tasks that confronts us as LGBQA TGNC individuals, and you will find the freedom to explore and describe yourself here at IWU.  Find below a few of the identity archetypes that we often refer to and draw upon in our self-definition, and that fall generally within the framework of the LGBQA TGNC community.

Understanding sexual orientation and gender identities