International Admission Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in learning more about IWU’s international admission process, merit-based scholarships, financial assistance, and cost of attendance. Could you please help and who should I contact for further advice?

A: IWU’s International Admissions team is more than happy to assist international applicants when specific questions arise. Please contact your admissions counselors whose international territory is around your location via email for help.

Before drafting emails, please make sure you have explored all the following links and Q&As:


Q: Does IWU have application fee waivers for international students?

A: Applying to IWU is cost-free to all applicants including international and domestic students, so you don’t need to have an application fee waiver to start and complete your application at IWU.


Q: Does IWU provide any Master’s degree programs or graduate programs?

A: No, we don’t. Illinois Wesleyan University is a national liberal arts college in the US and exclusively offers undergraduate programs. Master’s degree programs and graduate programs are unavailable on our campus.


Q: May I learn more about IWU’s language waiver policy to international applicants?

A: No problem. At IWU, we will grant the language waiver to native speakers of English and international students attending English-medium school(s) for more than three years. Your school official will need to write a formal letter in Word or PDF format that verifies English as the language of instruction at your school. That letter should be attached to an email sent to your admission counselors or from your school official or guidance counselor: copies from applicants won’t be considered as official.

Otherwise, international students must submit their language scores. If on-site exams are not available in your location, please attend a Duolingo English Test at home for completing the language requirement. 


Q: Can I use SAT/ACT or other test results to waive the language requirement?

A: IWU defines TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test (DET), and Pearson PTE as English Proficiency Exams. Other test results including SAT/ACT will NOT work for meeting language requirements. See detailed minimum language requirements here


Q: Do I need to have a SAT/ACT score to apply to IWU?

A: No, you don’t. IWU is now test optional. See detailed international admission requirements here.


Q: I have submitted my IWU application and want to access my application portal to see what materials are still missing, but I cannot find my login information in my inbox, what do I do?

A: Please reach out to your admissions counselors whose international territory is around your location via email for help. You will receive an email with instructions on how to set up/change your account password and will be able to access your application checklist on the application portal. 


Q: I have completed the IWU application form and logged into my personal application portal, but there are some awaiting materials on my checklist. How can I submit those documents?

A: Our International Admission team will regularly send reminder emails along with relevant instructions regarding submitting awaiting materials. But it’s always good to know before reading emails! Here are detailed instructions for submitting your awaiting materials:

  • If missing a Copy of Passport: please send the copy of passport or a passport waiver request to for submission;
  • If missing a Family Financial Statement: simply click this link and complete the form for submission;
  • If missing any types of Transcripts: all transcripts including high school transcripts, TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo English Test, Pearson PTE, and standardized tests (if applicable) must be sent by your school teacher or guidance counselor via email to for submission. Copies from applicants won't be considered as official. You may also contact the test agencies to mail scores to Illinois Wesleyan, which may take two weeks for us to receive them;
  • If needing a Language Waiver OR you are a native speaker of English: see the above Q&A regarding language policy.


Q: When should I expect to receive the admission decision from IWU?

A: If applications and materials were all completed, Early Action round applicants should be able to receive their decisions on or before Dec 15. Regular Decision round applicants can expect to receive their decisions approximately two weeks after completing their applications.

The International Admissions Committee will review completed applications after all required materials are submitted. Please make sure your checklist on the personal application portal is all clear before following up with your admissions counselors regarding application status.


Q: Can I self-report my materials such as high school transcripts and test results to IWU? What about Passport?

A: IWU does NOT accept self-reported high school transcripts, language scores, standardized test results (if applicable) or language waivers. Please contact your school teachers/officials, guidance counselors, or local EducationUSA Advisors to send those materials to via email.

Only passport, financial documents, and other supplemental materials such as portfolios are acceptable from applicants themselves.


Q: I don’t currently have a valid passport but I will have it in the near future. Am I eligible to apply to IWU?

A: Yes, you are! If the passport is unavailable when applying to IWU, please send an email to to request a passport waiver.

Reminder: your passport must be ready by the time we issue an I-20 form.


Q: My counselor/teacher has submitted the official documents to or I have sent materials (e.g. passport copy) to, but those documents haven’t been reflected on the checklist.

A: Typically, it will take 7 business days for us to verify and upload documents to your admission profile. If the waiting time has been longer than 7 business days, please contact your specific international admissions counselor so we can verify the materials for you.

Before contacting your admissions counselors, please keep in mind that self-reported high school transcripts, language scores, standardized test results (if applicable) and language waivers will NOT be accepted. Please follow the instructions above to submit those documents officially.

Thank you for your patience in advance.


Q: How to apply for the Merit-Based Scholarship? Any extra steps?

A: Merit-based scholarship will be assigned to all admitted international students automatically and there are no extra steps other than completing your application at IWU.


Q: How to apply for the Presidential Scholarship? Any extra steps?

A: All first-year applicants who submitted required documents and completed applications before Feb. 15 will be considered for the Presidential Scholarship, which is a full-tuition scholarship at IWU. There are no extra steps or additional requirements on test scores for being considered for the Presidential Scholarship.

The Presidential Scholarship at IWU is only granted to two international students each year. In the Fall 2021-22 admission cycle, we received 1,809 completed applications from international students and admitted 209 of them, and 2 students received the Presidential Scholarship.


Q: Are there any full-ride/full-funded scholarships at IWU?

A: There is NO full ride/full-funded scholarship at IWU. Recipients of the full-tuition scholarship, as known as the Presidential Scholarship, still need to bear the rest of the cost including housing, meals, health insurance, visa expenses, international travels, etc. Please see here for more information regarding IWU’s fee structure.


Q: Are financial aid opportunities available to international students at IWU?

A: Yes, they are available to international students at IWU and you may learn more here. You can find additional information regarding IWU’s policy here in the “Family Financial Statement” section.

IWU encourages international students to apply for financial aid opportunities via the link above. In the Fall 2022-23 admission cycle, the average total financial package after submitting the CSS Profile reached $42,614 USD per year.


Q: IWU mentions the CSS Profile on the Financial Aid website, can I submit other financial documents like ISFAA to complete the financial aid process at IWU?

A: For applying to IWU’s additional financial aid opportunities, CSS Profile is currently the only option at IWU: any other international financial documents are not applicable at IWU.

IWU’s CSS institution code is 1320 for submission. 


Q: Does IWU provide CSS Profile Fee waivers to international students?

A: We understand that there is an extra fee for submitting the CSS Profile. If the payment for CSS Profile is not available to complete at that time, please submit your admission application to IWU without the CSS Profile. The missing status of the CSS Profile won’t impact your admission result at IWU. Admitted students may inquire with their International Admissions Counselors regarding the possibility of a fee waiver for the CSS Profile.


Q: When will I receive the I-20 form from IWU?

A: International applicants must receive their acceptance letters from IWU and confirm their attendance via making the deposit for initiating the I-20 process. After making the deposit, IWU’s International Office will work closely with international students on the matter of I-20 at that time.

Here is a sample timeline for your reference:

  • For Fall semester deposited enrollees, I-20 forms will be available in May;
  • For Spring semester deposited enrollees, I-20 forms will be available in November.


Q: I have made the decision to attend IWU. What’s the next step?

A: Great to know your decision to join IWU! The next step is making the deposit and locking your seat at IWU. Here is the link regarding detailed instructions on making the deposit at IWU.

After making the deposit, IWU’s International Office will work with you regarding I-20 forms and visa interviews.

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus!