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About Bloomington Normal

Illinois Wesleyan University is located in the twin cities of Bloomington and Normal, Illinois.  Bloomington-Normal  has a population of about 167,699 and is located only a few hours from Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

The ‘twin cities’ host 3 universities and 1 community college! B-N is a friendly mid-western community with many resources for college students, and easy access to the bigger cities, Chicago, St. Louis, and Indianapolis!  

Downtown Bloomington

It is located just a short walk from the Illinois Wesleyan campus!  There are plenty of stores and restaurants, and a Farmer's Market, which sells fresh meats and produce in the warmer months. You can enjoy various events and festivals throughout the year in downtown Bloomington such as Tour de Chocolat’, Hot August Nights, Farmers’ Market, Tour de Metro, Pub Crawl, and Once Upon a Holiday. They offer you a chance to experience the district.

Uptown Normal

You can explore great restaurants, unique shops, and much more including the  Normal Theatre  where you can catch a movie that you won't find at the local megaplex—documentaries, foreign films, and independent movies. Uptown Normal  also includes  the Amtrak train station, where you can take a train to Chicago. It also has festivals and events throughout the year.


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