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IMPACT Pre-Orientation

The 2024 session of IMPACT Pre-Orientation is scheduled for Sunday, August 18th - Tuesday, August 20th, prior to Turning Titan.  

What is IMPACT Pre-Orientation or Pre-O?

IMPACT is dedicated to Influencing and Maximizing Positive Academic and Campus Transitions for incoming first-year and transfer students with a focus on supporting students of color on their first year experience, free of charge. 

Any incoming student who is interested in supporting the construction of a diverse and multicultural campus climate is welcome to join!

IMPACT is designed to assist new multicultural students in their transition to Illinois Wesleyan University by presenting them with a preview of campus life. IMPACT introduces first-year students to our diverse community and provides them with an opportunity to meet and interact with new and returning students who will serve as Pre-O Leaders as well as students who are participating in International Orientation and Engaging Diversity Pre-Orientation. In addition to engaging with other students, IMPACT Pre-O participants will learn about the academic, personal, social and cultural support resources at IWU through interactive activities and information sessions with IWU faculty members and administrators.  

IMPACT Pre-Orientation offers the following benefits: 

  • Meet other students of color and develop new friendships
  • Learn about the academic, personal, social and cultural support resources at IWU  
  • Make connections with faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Learn about the Office of Diversity and Inclusion's STEP Peer Mentoring Program
  • Become more familiar with the IWU campus and Bloomington-Normal community 
  • Participate in interactive team building and cultural awareness activities  
  • Move into your assigned residence hall early

Click here to register for IMPACT

IMPACT Registration will officially close for the Fall of 24' on July 28th, by 11:59 pm.

Make sure you also check out information about Turning Titan: New Student Orientation.


Student Experiences with the IMPACT Program

"Students considering participating in the IMPACT program, my advice is take the leap and embrace the oppurtunity to step out of your comfort zone. It can be intimidating to put yourself out there but, you'll have chance to gain new experiences and make valuable connections with peers and mentors".- Asael Sanchez, He/Him, Class of '25

"...Without IMPACT, I would have been extremely disconnected from campus... Additionally, IMPACT led me to STEP which pushed me to be further involved on campus. IMPACT was my gateway into the my student involvement and without IMPACT I wouldn't have the friends I have or the experience I have." - Em Chamberlain, They/Them, Class of '25

"...During the IMPACT Program I met students who looked like me along with have culture similarities as me. I met students who looked like me along with have culture similarities as me. These various students and I were able to get along really well and communicated during and after regular orientation." - Cloud Benn, They/Them, Class of '25

"IMPACT was an important part of my campus-community building experience in the sense that I was able to socialize with like minded people and I was comforted by our similar experiences."- Melanie, They/She, Class of '25

"IMPACT helped me find a sense of community by allowing me to connect with students who looked like me." - Daniel Porea, They/He, Class of '25

2024 IMPACT Leaders will be announced in the Spring of 24'

La Pre-Orientación

¿Qué es la Pre-Orientación? ¿Qué significa?

Cada año, ODI les ofrece una pre-orientacion gratis a todos los nuevos estudiantes de color.

IMPACT es un programa diseñado para asistir a nuevos estudiantes multiculturales en la transición a la universidad Illinois Wesleyan. IMPACT introduce a los estudiantes de primer año a nuestra diversa comunidad y les brinda la oportunidad de conocer e interactuar con nuevos y antiguos estudiantes que sirven como líderes de pre-orientación así como también tienen la oportunidad de conocer a los estudiantes participando en la pre-orientación internacional y la pre-orientación abordando diversidad. Aparte de conocer a nuevos estudiantes, los participantes de IMPACT aprenderán acerca de los recursos académicos, personales, sociales, y culturales que existen en la universidad a través de actividades interactivas y sesiones informativas con miembros de la facultad y administradores.

La Pre-Orientación IMPACT ofrece los siguientes beneficios:

  • Conoce otros estudiantes de color y desarrolla nuevas amistades
  • Aprende acerca de los recursos académicos, personales, sociales, y culturales que IWU ofrece
  • Forma conexiones con la facultad, personal, y administradores
  • Aprende acerca del programa de mentoría de la oficina de diversidad e inclusión
  • Familiarizate con el campus y la comunidad de Bloomington-Normal
  • Participa en actividades interactivas de trabajo en equipo y actividades de conciencia cultural
  • Alójate en tu dormitorio asignado temprano

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Otra informacion importante:  

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Orientación para nuevos estudiantes (en inglés) 

Raylene Gomez Hernandez - Assistant Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Department - Office Of Diversity & Inclusion