How to Support IWU

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There are several ways to support Illinois Wesleyan University.  Each donor has his or her own distinct reason for making a gift, and for that reason, various giving opportunities and designations exist.  Moreover, because one's personal financial situation may change over time, gifts may take on various forms, from outright gifts of cash, to securities, or even tangible property like works of art.  However you prefer to support the University, IWU welcomes and appreciates your generosity.

Unrestricted Gifts
Unrestricted gifts are of great value to IWU because of their flexibility.  These gifts allow the University to allocate funds wherever the need is greatest and to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise.  Unrestricted gifts are typically used to offset costs associated with such things as financial aid, teaching innovations, research and equipment, and facilities.

Designated and Restricted Gifts
Gifts may also be designated to a specific program, group, or priority area at IWU.  These gifts allow the donor the satisfaction of supporting a program that has personal significance to him or her.  Designated and restricted gifts may be labeled for current use or endowment, as well.  Current use gifts provide funds in the short term, whereas endowment gifts are designed to provide financial security over a longer period of time.


Ways to Support IWU

Wesleyan Fund

Parent Fund

Reunion Giving

Payroll Deduction

Capital and Endowed Giving

Estate and Planned Giving

Memorial and Other Giving Opportunities