CPA Dream Team Scholarship Fund

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2019-20: Clayton Miller '21
Not fully funded
Not fully funded
Tara Isenberg '17
Alejandra Salinas '16
Jenny Darrow '15
 Matt LaLonde '14
2012-13: Patrick Lulewicz '14


NOTICE: In 2020, the CPA Dream Team and the Alumni Accounting Giving Circles merged to create the Illinois Wesleyan Accounting Giving Circle in effort to award more annual scholarships to IWU Accounting Majors.

The Dream Team Scholarship was established in 2011 by a group of former IWU Accounting Majors who believe Illinois Wesleyan was the launching pad for their careers. The small class sizes, entertaining professors, and internship program provided countless opportunities to develop a deep network of friendships that still lives on after graduation. Each of us has fond memories of BBQs at professors' houses, Accounting Society bar crawls, and the adventures of Fall Trip that have helped shape our personal experience and professional aspirations.

The goal of this scholarship is to give a rising student the opportunity to experience the camaraderie we are so proud of. It is our hope that this recipient will strive for their best in both their personal and professional career and keep the Illinois Wesleyan Accounting Program as a source of strong connections and professional development.

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