McLean County Students

Juan Rios-Narciso

"The McLean County Scholarship has made it possible for me to get a great education. It has provided me with the financial support that my family and I needed."

Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Philosophy
Minor: French & Francophone Studies


undefinedJulia Hilt

"Education is of a high importance to my family
and me, and having financial support truly aids in my success."

Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Nursing
Minor: Music

Austin Woodside

“I like how the campus is spread out to give it a big school feel, but it still has small school benefits. So many campuses at Division III schools were too small. I also like the distance from home. It’s convenient when you forget things!”

Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Business

undefinedWah Chook

“Staying in Bloomington was not something I sought while looking at different colleges, but I cannot express how grateful I am to have stayed in my local community. I'm realizing more and more that IWU was just the right amount of change for me.”

Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Nursing
Minor: Advocacy (Nonprofit Management Concentration) and Religious Diversity Minor

Jasil Olabode

"To me, the School of Music is special because although it has a classical focus/approach to music, there is still room to bring different approaches and perspectives to the table. As a student, I am encouraged to know that my professors understand my passions and are committed to guiding me in discovering my unique form of creative expression, not forming me into a carbon-copy of a past figure. "

Graduation Year: 2022
Major: Music Composition