Illinois Wesleyan Loan

The Illinois Wesleyan University Loan is available to students with financial need determined by information reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The lender is Illinois Wesleyan University.

IWU Loan Information:

Interest Rate

Eligibility Requirements

Dates to Remember


  • Be enrolled at least half-time
  • Be registered with the Selective Service (males only)
  • Be a U.S. citizen, national, or eligible non-citizen
  • Have financial need, as determined by the calculations from information reported on the FAFSA
  • Complete your FAFSA application before November 1
  • Review and respond to your award proposal after January 1 for incoming students or after May 1 for returning students

Please note: IWU Loan documents need to be completed through Heartland ECSI. Please wait for an email from and complete the required documents at that time. These documents will be available no later than July 1st.

The following is required only if the IWU loan is awarded as part of your financial aid proposal.

The Illinois Wesleyan University Loan is considered a private loan. To ensure the processing of your IWU Loan, each year the following items are required and must be completed online:

  1. Accept the Illinois Wesleyan University Loan - this can be done either online through your MyIWU account, or by returning a signed copy of your award notice to the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Master Promissory Note - a document completed that serves as the application for the loan. 
  3. Private Loan Approval Disclosure - a document that is viewed online, giving you in depth information on the loan awarded for the academic year.
  4. Private Loan Self-Certification Form - a document completed online that certifies your enrollment and cost of attendance information.
  5. Final Private Loan Disclosure - a document that is viewed online, giving you another look at the information on the loan awarded for the academic year with the option of canceling the loan.

Heartland ECSI Loan Servicer

IWU is using Heartland ECSI to service our Federal Nursing Loans and IWU Loans.

Heartland ECSI
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