Illinois Wesleyan University is committed to putting the highest quality educational experience in reach for all students.

Over 90% of incoming students representing every socioeconomic class qualify for scholarship or grant assistance.

Over half of tuition, on average, is covered by scholarships and grants for incoming Illinois Wesleyan students.

Financial Aid Reduces Costs by $20,000 to $40,000 for 9 in 10 students, depending on family income.

See how much you might qualify for

2016-2017 University Charges Cost

Tuition (full-time)


Room (double occupancy)




Student Senate Activity Fee


Total Billed Costs



Illinois Wesleyan students and their families may elect to pay the amount owed the University in 10 monthly payments (5 Fall semester & 5 Spring semester), beginning in June before the start of the next academic year. There is no interest or cost for this service provided by the Business Office when payments are made by check or direct debit (ACH) from a bank account.