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Protection of Minors - University and Affiliate Programs Procedure

University staff, faculty, and students coordinating university-sponsored youth camps and programs can follow the steps below to ensure full compliance with university policies governing the protection of minors.  Camp and program directors are encouraged to begin this process well in advance of advertising their events and should incorporate these steps into their process for hiring staff or volunteers.

1. Requirements

All University community members are expected to understand and adhere to the campus policy on protection of minors, found in full  here.

Duty to Cooperate  
  1. All University community members shall cooperate with investigations of alleged child abuse/neglect, including DCFS initiated, law enforcement initiated, and/or internal investigations.  
  2. All members of the University Community shall also cooperate with investigations of alleged violations of this policy and any applicable campus procedures.
Duty to Complete Education    
  1. Upon hire for employment, placement in a volunteer opportunity, or engagement to provide a non-University-sponsored activity, each member of the University community will complete the assigned training regarding the requirements of this “Protection of Minors” policy.  
  2. All members of the University community must sign an acknowledgment certifying their understanding of reporting responsibilities (   Acknowledgment of Mandated Reporter Status   )
Duty to Report

To Supervisor or Director of the Program

  1. All members of the University community shall report suspected child abuse or neglect to their direct supervisor, or to the director of the program with which they are participating.

To Local Police 

  1.  All members of the University community shall report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Bloomington Police Department (309-820-8888).  
  2. In emergencies or when an incident involves an injury, all members of the University community are expected to call the police and the appropriate University office.


  1. The Illinois “Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act” mandates that all personnel of an institution of higher education must immediately report cases of suspected child abuse or neglect of minors (children under the age of 18) directly to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) at 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873) as soon as abuse or neglect is suspected.  
  2. The duty to report includes minors who are currently enrolled at the University or accepted for enrollment, and minors who are not enrolled or accepted for enrollment at the University but who participate in a University program or activity designed to include minors or who otherwise become known to University personnel in their official or professional capacity.

To a Medical Examiner or Coroner  

  1. All members of the University community who have reasonable cause to suspect that a child has died as a result of abuse or neglect shall immediately report the suspicion to the appropriate medical examiner or coroner.  
Duty to Submit to Background Checks
  1. All staff, faculty, and volunteers for any University-sponsored activity are required to under a criminal background check and sex offender registry checks following campus procedures.  
  2. Campuses may require other checks as deemed appropriate (e.g. motor vehicle report for an individual who will transport children).

2.  Registration

During the registration process (prior to the start of camp), the following information must be collected for each camp participant:

  1. The  University Waiver
  2. The University  Medical Form  with primary physician name and phone, health insurance company and policy/group number, and any medical conditions, allergies (food or other), medications, and special needs
  3. Emergency contact information (with 2 phone numbers)

The originals of these forms must be submitted to Conference Services, with an attendee roster, within  3 days of the end of your camp. We are required to keep these files for several years, and Conference Services will oversee the archive process for all camps.

3. Mandatory Background Checks

On an annual basis, all Camp Directors, coaches/staff, and employees** (including volunteers), regardless of prior background checks or employment status with IWU, must undergo comprehensive background checks prior to working with or interacting with any minors.

  1. Results of the background check will be reviewed with Human Resources
  2. Contact Human Resources (Kristi Hammons) to coordinate checks as early as possible
  3. As of Fall 2022, checks cost $29.45 each and are the financial responsibility of the camp; internal (university-funded) camps may be exempt from paying – verify with Human Resources (HR)
  4. HR will conduct checks and send the Camp Director an invoice after the camp; the Camp Director will remit payment to HR
  5. Checks must be completed  two weeks prior to the camp start date  to give plenty of time for processing.

If hiring occurs less than a week before the start of camp, documentation for the above must be submitted before the individual can start work.

**Failure to complete the background check prior to camp will result in no participation during the camp.

4. Mandatory Training

It is the responsibility of Camp Directors to ensure and document that all camp employees, excluding current employees of the University, have completed protection of minors training and sign the DCFS Mandatory Reporter Acknowledgment each year.

  1. Turn in the DCFS Mandatory Reporter Acknowledgment form to Human Resources (Kristi Hammons)
  2. Contact Human Resources (Kristi Hammons) to obtain access to the Protecting Youth Sports training
  3. You will need to share a list of all employees
  4. There is no charge to use online modules provided by the University
  5. This must be completed  seven days prior to your camp start date

 If hiring occurs less than a week before the start of camp, documentation for the above must be submitted before the individual can start work.

**Failure to complete the mandatory training will result in no participation during the camp.

5. Mandatory Reporting and Incident Reporting Procedures

Each camp employee must sign the  DCFS Mandatory Reporter Acknowledgment each year.  Camp Directors must also submit the following forms:

  1. Protection of Minors – Incident Report   document  for each incident that occurs; Camp Directors must sign and submit an acknowledgment of receipt of this form each year.  Incident Reports are due immediately after an incident occurs and are submitted to the Title IX Coordinator, Cindy Lotz (
  2. Protection of Minors—Summary Report   document; Camp Directors must complete a report at the end of each camp session and return it  24 hours after the camp has ended, regardless of whether an incident occurred.

For more information on our policy, please click the link provided:

**Please note, it is the responsibility of the Camp Director to follow all of the above requirements.