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University Vehicle Driving Policy

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

Authorization Form ( pdf )

Given the requirements of our insurance provider the University has developed the following Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) verification procedure for all students, faculty, or staff members who wish to drive a University owned vehicle, as well as anyone wishing to use their own vehicle to transport students, staff, or faculty on official University business or sanctioned event. The following procedures are effective January 1, 2011.

  1. Prior to driving any University owned or leased vehicle all students, staff, and faculty need to complete an MVR authorization form (available in the Campus Safety office or above). The form (which varies depending on the state which issued the drivers license) must be submitted to the Campus Safety office at least one week prior to the date of travel. As soon as the MVR is obtained and evaluated, the driver will be notified if they will or will not be permitted to operate the University owned or leased vehicle.
  2. If a student, faculty, or staff member wishes to use their own vehicle to transport other students, faculty, or staff in their personal vehicle, they must submit an MVR authorization form and be approved prior to transporting any students, faculty, or staff (see #1 for time line and where to obtain and submit the MVR authorization form).
  3. No one under 20 years of age will be permitted to drive any University owned or leased vehicle, or transport other students, faculty, or staff on University sanctioned or sponsored events.
  4. As we have required the past several years, anyone wishing to drive a University owned or leased van or shuttle must also complete and pass an on-line van safety course. The test is administered through the Campus Safety Office.
  5. MVR reviews will be conducted at least once per academic year for anyone wishing to drive a University owned or leased vehicle, or who wants to use their personal vehicle to transport students, faculty, or staff. 

MVR Authorization Form Instructions

Completely fill out the MVR Authorization Form and return it to Campus Safety through campus mail, by fax (309-556-3764) or by dropping it off at the Campus Safety building. Once they receive the completed form, you will be sent an email with information on how to complete the online training from "Educational and Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc." The subject line will read, " Program Login ID & Password."

If you will be driving one of the University 15 passenger shuttles, you will also need to complete a familiarization drive (after completion of the online training). To schedule the drive, please contact Campus Safety at 309-556-3034. Please have multiple times that you will be available to take the drive as it will be based on vehicle availability.  Please do this as soon as possible.