Meet Our Staff

Writing Center Tutors (WCTs) | Fall 2021

a photo of writing tutor Megan Boggs

Megan Boggs

Music Theater

image of tutor Sarah Buchmann

Sarah Buchmann

English and Secondary Education

a photo of tutor Jessica Buttell

Jessica Buttell

English writing and Secondary Education 

a photo of tutor Anna Cooper taken outside

Anna C.

History with double minors in Poli Sci and Religion

a photo of tutor Nina DeBoni

Nina DeBoni 

English writing with a poli sci minor

katie new photo


English writing


Image of tutor Kailee Galloway

Kailee Galloway

Secondary Education and English Literature


Photo of tutor Maria Harmon

Maria Harmon*

English Literature and Marketing

Image of tutor Steven Lee in a suit coat


Steven Lee

English Writing and Hispanic Studies


Image of tutor Josh Mabazza in his white lab coat for nursing

Josh Mabazza

Nursing with a minor in Psychology


A photo of writing tutor Abigail Mathis

Abigail M.

Nursing with a minor in Health

A photo of tutor Leah Matlin taken outside

Leah M.


no picture provided

Teodora Nikolova

Professor in World Languages, Literatures, and cultures; ELL tutor

A photo of writing center tutor Jasil Olabode

Jasil Olabode

Music Composition

photo of tutor emma ottinger

Em Ottinger

English Writing and Environmental Studies with a Philosophy minor

Image of tutor Ellie Reineke outside

Ellie Reineke

English Literature

photo of tutor Isaac Rubenstein

Isaac Rubenstein*

Political Science with a minor in Philosophy

A photo of Anna Scanlon.

Anna Scanlon

WC Director, PhD in English Literature/ Medical Humanities

Isabel's picture

Isabel S.

English with a minor in Sociology


jason wilkening photo

Jason Wilkening

Physics & Chemistry with minors in Philosophy and Mathematics

Student Success Tutors (SSTs) | Fall 2021

A selfie of tutor Morgan Drath

Morgan Drath

A photo of tutor Jasmine Kee

Jasmine Kee
Finance with a minor in health

A photo of student success tutor, Madie Monk

Madie Monk
Health Promotion and Fitness

a photo of tutor Gabby Tsarouhis

Gabby Tsarouhis

Course-Embedded Tutors (CETs) | Fall 2021

no picture provided

Cecilia Blumberg
Math for Elementary Education
Math 105 | Prof. G. Harris

a photo of Calc I tutor Ethan Lowder

Ethan Lowder
Calculus I | Math 176
Profs. Z Drici & D. Roberts

a photo of tutor Jarret Easterday

Jarret Easterday
Organic Chem | Chem 331
Prof. R. Mohan

a photo of tutor Joselyn Molinar sitting on a bench on campus
Joseyln Molinar

General Biology
Bio 101 | Prof. L. Cozy

Photo of tutor Joshua Sims

Joshua Sims
Human A & P | Bio 107
Prof. W. Jaeckle

no picture provided

Katie Long
Stats for Business and Econ
Econ 227 | Prof. D. Marvin

photo of CET Khumoyun

Khumoyun Abdulpattoev
Intro to CS | CS 127
Prof. Brian Law

a photo of CS tutor Kierra

Intro to CS | CS 127
Prof. A. Shallue

a photo of Bio tutor Maggie Stuck holding an IWU pennant

Maggie Stucko
General Biology
Bio 101 | Prof. L. Walker

A photo of Data Science tutor Matt DiMillo

Matt Dimillo
Intro to Data and CS
DS 125 | Prof. B. Sheese

photo of math tutor Paul Mucci

Paul Mucci
Calculus II | Math 177
Prof. Z. Drici

photo of tutor Zehra

Zehra Bakirdan
Math for Elementary Education
 Math 105  | Prof. G. Harris

 All tutors marked with an asterisk (*) are currently studying abroad.