Meet Our Staff

Writing Center Tutors (WCTs) | Summer 2022

a photo of tutor Jessica ButtellJessica Buttell

English writing and Secondary Education 

a photo of tutor Nina DeBoni
Nina DeBoni

English writing with a poli sci minor

Image of tutor Kailee Galloway

Kailee Galloway

Secondary Education and English Literature

Photo of tutor Maria Harmon

Maria Harmon

English Literature and Marketing

Image of tutor Steven Lee in a suit coat

Steven Lee

English Writing and Hispanic Studies

A photo of writing tutor Abigail Mathis
Abigail M.
Nursing with a minor in Health

A photo of tutor Leah Matlin taken outside

Leah M.


a photo of tutor Emile

Emile Ottinger

English Writing and Environmental Studies with a Philosophy minor

Image of tutor Ellie Reineke outside

Ellie Reineke

English Literature

photo of tutor Isaac Rubenstein

Isaac Rubenstein*

Political Science with a minor in Philosophy

A photo of tutor Barbara
Barbara Kuznetsova
English Writing

A photo of tutor Hallie.Hallie
English Writing

a photo of tutor TessaTessa Kruczek
Music Theater

photo of tutor MelindaMelinda
Political Science
& Studio Art

Student Success Tutors (SSTs) | Spring 2022

A selfie of tutor Morgan Drath

Morgan Drath

A photo of tutor Jasmine Kee

Jasmine Kee
Finance with a minor in health

a photo of tutor Gabby Tsarouhis
Gabby Tsarouhis


Course-Embedded Tutors/ TAs (CETs) | Spring 2022

A photo fo CET for Bio 114, Carla

Biology for Nursing (Microbial World)
Bio 114-A | Prof. L. Cozy

A photo of MATH CET, Cecilia

Math for Ele. Teachers II
Math 106-1 | Prof. G. Harris



a photo of CET Jade

Finite Mathematics
MATH 110-4 | Prof. G. Harris

A photo of chem tutor, Jarret.

Jarret Easterday
Organic Chem II
CHEM 312-A | Prof. R. Mohan

A photo of bio tutor, Joselyn.

Joselyn Molinar
General Bio II
BIO 102-C | Prof. G. Harper

A photo of A and P tutor, Josh.

Josh Sims
Human A and P II
BIO 108-A | Prof. W. Jaeckle

A photo of tutor Katie Jo
Katie Jo Vogler

Intro to GIS
ENST 200-2 | Prof. A. Wilson

A photo of computer science tutor, Khumoyun.

Intro to CS I
CS 127-1 | Prof. B. Law

A photo of bio tutor, Maggie.

Maggie Stucko
General Bio II
BIO 102-A | Prof. T. Schwend