Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Created in 2013, the Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning ( CETAL ) replaces the Mellon Center Advisory Committee and absorbs the teaching and learning functions of the now dismantled Teaching and Learning Round Table (TLTR). The central mission of the CETAL is to support teaching and learning at IWU by fostering pedagogical development of IWU faculty. The council advises the Associate Dean on matters related to teaching and learning and is key in coordinating pedagogical initiatives with other bodies such as Curriculum Council (CC), Faculty Development Committee (FDC), the Writing Program, the Assessment Committee, and the Council on University Programs and Policies (CUPP). 

Teaching CirclesTeaching Circles

In an effort to promote developmental feedback on faculty members' teaching practices, the Mellon Center sponsors a Teaching Circles program. Under this program, groups of three faculty members from different departments visit each others' classes and offer constructive feedback with regard to syllabi and assignment construction and the use of pedagogical methods in a live classroom situation.

If you are interested in participating in Teaching Circles, please contact Kevin Sullivan, 


Course DesignCourse Design

Course design pointers (from Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning @ Harvard)
Understanding by Design ("backwards" design method by Grant and Wiggins)
Bloom's Taxonomy 
How to write learning outcomes (from the CTAL @ University of Delaware)
Teaching Goals Inventory (University of Iowa) 

Course ClustersLiberal Arts Course Clusters at IWU

Promote Interdisciplinary Thinking

Provide Opportunities for Experiential Learning 

Allow Students to Connect with Community Initiatives

Encourage and Showcase Student Interdisciplinary Work 

Expose Students to a Variety of Modes of Expression

Teaching & TechnologyTeaching & Technology

Teaching with Pop Culture Presentation by Diego Mendez-Carbajo, May 2017

Teaching with Pop Culture Presentation by Christopher Sweet, May 2017

Digital Humanities resources by Harriett Green

Annotated bibliography for online teaching by Patricia McGee

Teaching with Technology: Tools and Strategies to Improve Student Learning, a special report from Faculty Focus

Tech Innovators 2016 The Chronicle of Higher Education 

Flipped Classroom and Just-in-time Teaching Presentation by Diego Mendez-Carbajo, May 2016