Titan Print & Mail Center


The new “Titan Print & Mail” Center is located at 1207 1/2 N. Main St., Bloomington
(between the Memorial Center and Ferguson Hall).

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone: (309) 556-3087 (Titan Mail) or 309-556-3086 (Titan Print)

Email: TitanMail@iwu.edu or TitanPrint@iwu.edu


Ricoh is our new partner to manage the University’s Print, Copy and Mail services. With this transition, all design services will be moving to Marketing and Communications. Carrie Hymer has been promoted to Assistant Director of Marketing and will be helping coordinate these requests and assigning jobs to our design team. With this transition, designers will only provide services for jobs that face external audiences. A list of examples follows below. Digital Storefront, for supply orders and print-ready copy jobs (requiring no design services), will continue to operate during and after this transition.

Mail services for faculty and staff will remain mostly unchanged. Standard mail delivery will continue to offices and buildings once per day except The Ames Library and Holmes Hall. Packages that used to be delivered to and distributed by Physical Plant will now be handled by the Titan Print & Mail Center. Large palletized items will continue to be handled by Physical Plant. We will also be continuing our outgoing package service from USPS, DHL, UPS and FedEx, and USPS stamp sales.

Mail services for students will now be centralized at the Titan Print & Mail Center. Students will receive an electronic notification when they have packages or mail and will pick these up from the Titan Print & Mail Center rather than having it delivered to individual residence halls.


What offices and buildings will receive mail service?


Hart Career Center

Alumni Office


Ames School of Art




Campus Safety



Office of Residential Life


Physical Plant


Shaw Hall

Conference Services

Shirk Center

Counseling/Health Services



State Farm Hall

Hansen Student Center

Student Involvement

Holmes Hall - includes:

Theatre Annex


Theatre Arts

Business and Finance

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Dean of Students


Financial Aid


Grants and Foundation Relations


Human Resources


President’s Office


Provost and Associate Provost



What do I do if I need to have something printed or copied?

If your project is ready for print, you can visit the Titan Print & Mail Center OR you can submit the project through Digital Storefront.

If you do not have a Digital Storefront account, you can contact TitanPrint@iwu.edu to set up an account. If your project needs to be designed, contact Carrie Hymer chymer@iwu.edu or ext. 3712 to determine if IWU designers should perform the work.

Titan Print & Mail Center hasn’t opened yet, how do I get a project designed or printed?

Contact Carrie Hymer at chymer@iwu.edu or ext. 3712

If I want to request assistance with design, how far in advance should I contact Carrie Hymer?

At a minimum, 4 weeks to allow for design and print time. The marketing team will meet regularly with Titan Print & Mail so they are aware of all upcoming projects. We will no longer be able to accommodate projects requiring design and print with short notice.

What is the turnaround time for print-ready services through Titan Print & Mail Center?

Mutually agreed upon during job submission – generally less than 24 hours

How will I know if I have a package?

If you are a faculty or staff member, your package will be delivered to the appropriate location for your office. Students will receive an email through a TRAC system, set to launch in September, which will notify them of a package or letter delivery for their pickup.

Can I still drop off UPS, FedEx or DHL packages for outgoing delivery?

UPS, FedEx and DHL currently pick up and do not charge for this service. This service will continue.

What are the hours of Titan Print & Mail?

8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday

How will I be billed for design, print, copy and mail services?

If the project is approved for internal design, there will be no cost for the design work. Copy, printing and mailing will be charged back to departmental budgets through a similar process as before. Titan Print & Mail Center will also accept cash and debit/credit (debit/credit capability will be later this fall) for services not associated with a departmental code.

How often will packages be delivered to faculty and staff buildings?

Once per day, except for Holmes Hall and The Ames Library.

Can I purchase shipping materials at Titan Print & Mail Center?

Yes, a limited amount of boxes, packing material, etc. will be available in the center.

Is the Titan Print & Mail Center open to the public?


What do I tell a student who wants a poster or project printed?

Titan Print & Mail will be able to accommodate posters on a large format printer. This service will not be ready until later in the fall semester. The Ames Library also offers poster and project printing services.

Where do I order paper for my copy machine or department printer?

All departmental paper should be ordered through the Office Depot contract.

Where do I order business cards and IWU letterhead?

Business cards and letterhead can be ordered through Digital Storefront. Letterhead will no longer include a departmental name and will be available to order in limited quantities to avoid stockpiling.

What do I do if I have a bulk mailing project?

Contact the Titan Print & Mail Center TitanMail@iwu.edu in advance of mailing your project for instructions and assistance.

What kinds of projects will the campus graphic designers assist with creating?

Promotional materials for music and theatre performances




Commencement documents and promotional materials


Course packets or syllabus


Presentations for a conference or course materials


Posters for an academic conference


Fundraising and digital and print materials for Advancement


The IWU Magazine


Flyers for promoting an internal campus event


Flyers for promoting a campus event to which the community is invited

In most cases


No. These will be available through Digital Storefront with IWU-only letterhead (no departmental name included) in limited quantities. For large orders, contact the Titan Print & Mail Center.

Student posters


Athletic apparel


Invitations for events hosted by the President, Advancement, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs or Admissions

In most cases

Graphics for campus buildings, to promote athletics, etc.

In most cases

Business Cards

No. These will available through Digital Storefront.