• Ellen Furlong

    Associate Professor 


    Comparative cognition; Judgment & decision making; Evolution of cognition; Interventions to improve decision making

    Contact: (309) 556-3415efurlong@iwu.edu

  • Abigail Kerr

    Associate Professor 

    (Behavioral Neuroscience & Learning and Memory)

    Behavioral and neuroanatomical effects of experience following exercise and/or nervous system damage; The role of vascular plasticity (angiogenesis and vascular remodeling) in behavioral outcome following aerobic exercise and ischemic stroke

    Contact: (309) 556-3803akerr@iwu.edu

  • Linda Kunce

    Associate Professor 


    Autism Spectrum Disorders; Child psychopathology; Family issues; Intervention and high-functioning individuals; Attachment processes; Application of psychology in sustaining the self, society, and environment

    Contact: (309) 556-3663lkunce@iwu.edu

  • Mignon Montpetit

    Associate Professor

    (Life-Span Development)

    Adult development and aging; Stress and coping (e.g., personality, social support, community factors); Research methods and statistics; Cultural influences on development

    Contact: (309) 556-3365mmontpet@iwu.edu

  • Marie Nebel-Schwalm

    Assistant Professor


    Improving body image and reducing mental health stigma

    Contact: (309) 556-3432mnebelsc@iwu.edu

  • Brad Sheese

    Associate Professor


    Development of Self-Regulation, Attention, and Executive Functions in infancy and early childhood. Teratogenic influences on early development.  

    Contact: (309) 556-1341bsheese@iwu.edu

  • Jason Themanson

    Department Chair and Professor


    Self-regulation and action monitoring; Neural activity during social interactions; Situational and dispositional influences on patterns of neural activation during social and cognitive task engagement

    Contact: (309) 556-3109jthemans@iwu.edu

  • Amanda Vicary

    Associate Professor 


    Attachment theory and romantic relationships; Attraction; Crime, violence, aggression; Internet/Facebook use

    Contact: (309) 556-3614avicary@iwu.edu

  • Joe Williams

    Associate Professor


    Relationship between hippocampal/frontal EEG and memory; Effects of alcohol on learning and memory

    Contact: (309) 556-3006jwilliam@iwu.edu

Visiting and Adjunct Faculty