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Award for Teaching Excellence

The winner of the Kemp Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence is selected by IWU’s Promotion and Tenure Committee based on nominations received from members of the faculty. The award recognizes teaching, scholarship, and service. It is the University's top teaching honor and is now supported by the Kemp Foundation. Where possible, links to awardees' speeches are provided.

2024 Curtis Trout, Theatre Arts

2023 Ram Mohan, Chemistry

2022 Joanne Diaz, English

2021 Tom Lutze, History

2020 Tim Rettich, Chemistry

2019 Carmela Ferradans, Hispanic Studies

2018 Victoria Folse ’86, Nursing

2017 Rebecca Gearhart Mafazy, Sociology/Anthropology 

2016 Linda French, Physics

2015 Kathleen Montgomery, Political Science

2014 Rebecca Roesner, Chemistry

2013 Narendra Jaggi, Physics

2012 William Munro, Political Science

2011 Dan Terkla, English

2010 Wes Chapman, English

2009 Jonathan Dey, Biology

2008 Marina Balina, German and Russian

2007 James Sikora, Sociology

2006 Mary Ann Bushman, English

2005 Christopher Prendergast, Sociology

2004 James Plath, English

2003 Carolyn Nadeau, Hispanic Studies

2002 Tari Renner, Politial Science

2001 Carole A. Myscofski, Religion

2000 Teodora O. Amoloza, Sociology

1999 Michael C. Seeborg, Economics

1998 W. Michael Weis, History

1997 Jared Brown, Theatre Arts

1996 Kathleen O'Gorman, English

1995 James D. Matthews, French

1994 Paul E. Bushnell, History

1993 Mona J. Gardner, Business and Economics

1992 John D. Wenum, Political Science

1991 Robert C. Bray, English

1990 Thomas A. Griffiths, Biology

1989 Pamela Buchanan Muirhead, English

1988 Jerry M. Israel, History

1987 John L. Clark, English and Drama

1986 Barbara Bowman, English

1985 Robert W. Harrington, Business and Economics

1984 Carole D. Paul, French and Spanish

1983 Robert C. Bray, English

1982 J. Robert Hippensteele, Biology

1981 Michael B. Young, History

1980 Larry M. Colter, Philosophy

1978 Sammye Crawford Greer, English

1977 John D. Heyl, History

1976 Frank D. Starkey, Chemisty

1975 Jerry M. Israel, History 

1973 John Wenum, Political Science

1972 John L. Clark, English