About the Office

Mark Brodl

Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Mark Brodl
(309) 556-3101

Mark Brodl joined Illinois Wesleyan as Provost and Dean of the Faculty on July 17, 2017. He is the chief academic officer of the University, overseeing all academic departments in addition to The Ames Library, Athletics, Information Technology, The Registrar's Office and The Petrick Idea Center.

Prior to joining IWU, Dr. Brodl was Associate Vice President for Budget and Research and the George W. Brackenridge Distinguished Professor of Biology at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. While still at Trinity, he served a two-year rotation as program director for the National Science Foundation.  Prior to Trinity, Dr. Brodl was a faculty member and chair of the Biology Department at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from Knox, a master’s in plant biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana, and a Ph.D. in plant biology from Washington University in St. Louis. His research – consistently involving students – has focused on heat shock responses in plant secretory cells, which play pivotal roles in vital developmental steps in plant life cycles. He has established a reputation for his work in support of student-faculty research, particularly work with an interdisciplinary focus.  He was selected as a Fellow of the Council on Undergraduate Research in 2014 and elected as a Fellow of the American Society of Plant Biologists in 2010.  He is the recipient of a Presidential Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation (1991) and is the recipient of awards for excellence in teaching.


Becky RoesnerAssociate Provost

Dr. Rebecca Roesner

Direct responsibilities of the associate provost encompass student research, academic facilities and equipment, the faculty salary budgets, and the hiring of adjunct faculty.

Doctor Roesner earned her bachelor's degree at Ohio Wesleyan University and Ph.D. at University of Kansas.

More information on programs managed by the associate provost's office can be found on the associate provost's office website.


Associate Dean for Curriculum and InstructionAmy Coles

Amy Coles

The Associate Dean for Curriculum and Instruction (ADCI) provides leadership in strengthening all curricular programs and balancing curricular needs across disciplines, including oversight and assistance for the Curriculum Council (CC). The ADCI oversees the Shared Curriculum Program, including the Assessment Program, the Writing Program, and Gateway Staffing. In addition, she coordinates with the Committee for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETAL) to ensure the development of the best practices of teaching and learning among faculty, including those pertaining to technology and information fluency. 
Dr. Coles (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) teaches interdisciplinary courses on ancient Mediterranean history, religion, and art; two of her favorites are 'Race, Gender, and Ability in the Ancient World' and 'Blood Rites and Mystery Cults.' She publishes on slavery, xenophobia, and intercultural religious exchange in Roman colonization.


Associate Dean for Scholarly and Creative WorkAbbie Kerr

Abigail Kerr

The Associate Dean for Scholarly and Creative Work (ADSCW) supports faculty scholarly and creative work and experiential and entrepreneurial learning for students. The ADSCW also provides oversight and assistance to some offices and committees related to faculty development for scholarly and creative work and experiential learning, particularly the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) and the Center for Engaged Learning’s Engaged Learning Opportunities Office (undergraduate research, academic internships, community-based learning-ARC, and reflective study abroad). Dr. Kerr provides leadership in supporting the continued professional growth of our faculty as scholars and artists and ensures that these efforts support student learning and engagement at Illinois Wesleyan. Coordination and oversight of External Reviews of Departments and Programs fall under the purview of the ADSCW.  Dr. Kerr works with the Director of the Office of Grants and Foundations Relations to support the development of proposal-writing skills in our faculty and to advance the development of institutional grant proposals. The ADSCW also contributes to New Faculty Orientation and the Pre-Tenure Faculty Mentoring Program with a particular focus on scholarly and creative work and meets with faculty candidates to discuss faculty professional development opportunities for scholarly and creative work.

Dr. Kerr earned her bachelor’s degree in English from Wittenberg University and her doctorate in psychology with a concentration in behavioral neuroscience from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before joining the faculty at IWU, she completed a 2-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research, which consistently involves undergraduate research assistants, focuses on novel methods of rehabilitation in a mouse model of stroke.


Administrative Specialists:

Tameka Myers


The Administrative Specialist to the Associate Provost manages the daily operations of the Associate Provost’s office and is the liaison between the Associate Provost and all internal and external constituents.


Brenda Milcik

The Administrative Specialist to the Provost manages the daily operations of the Provost’s office and is the liaison between the Provost and all internal and external constituents.