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2023-24 Chairs and Directors List

Updated January 1-24-2024

School / Department / Interdisciplinary Program Director or Chair Phone Email Office
School of Art & Design Julie Johnson, Interim Director 3134 Ames Art 209
School of Business and Economics Bryan McCannon 3191 SFH 310
School of Music Adriana Ponce, Interim Director 3015 Presser 110
School of Nursing and Health Science Amber Kujath, Director 3286 STV 223
School of Nursing and Health Science Lindsey Kellar, Interim Associate Director 3348 CNS C00B
School of Theatre Arts Jean Kerr, Director 3212 McPherson 201
Accounting Department Jerry Olson, Chair 3170 SFH 302
Ames Library, University Librarian Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Chair 3010 Ames Lib 139
Athletics Department Mike Wagner, Athletic Director 3341 Shirk 206
Biology Department Loni Walker, Chair 3965 CNS C109C
Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Dep. Dave Wallace, Chair 3859 SFH 313
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department Ram Mohan, Chair 3829 CNS C205B
Computer Science Department Andrew Shallue, Chair 3587 CNS C207C
Data Science and Analytics Brad Sheese, Director 1341 C207D
DTE Tara Gerstner, Director 3711 SFH 311
Economics Department Dave Marvin, Interim Chair 3099 SFH 326
Educational Studies Department Leah Nillas, Chair 3437 CLA 314
English Department Mike Theune,  Chair 3168 CLA 149
Environmental Studies Abigail Jahiel, Director 3923 CLA 224
Finance Robert Irons, Chair 3178 SFH 353
Kinesiology, Allied Health & Fitness Management Bill Kauth, Director 3664 101 Shirk
History Department April Schultz, Chair 3414 CLA 216
Humanities Program Joanne Diaz, Director 3246 CLA 141
International & Global Studies Carmela  Ferradáns, Director 3155 CLA 330
KSW (Physical Education Activity and Theory) Norm Eash, Chair 3344 201 Shirk
Mathematics Department  Zahia Drici, Chair 3669 CNS C209B
Neuroscience Program Tyler Schwend, Director 3149 CNS C108C
Philosophy Department Andy Engen, Chair 3401 CLA 130
Physics Department Narendra Jaggi, Chair 3418 C007B
Political Science Department William Munro, Chair 3629 CLA 253
Psychology Department Amanda Vicary, Chair 3614 C010A
Sociology Department Courtney Irby, Interim Chair 3163 CLA 263
Women's and Gender Studies Courtney Irby, Director 3163 CLA 263
World Languages, Literatures and Cultures Jessie Dixon, Chair 3081 CLA 363
Academic Programs Program Directors Phone Email Office
Action Research Center (ARC) and Center for Engaged Learning (CEL) Deb Halperin, Director 2202 Ames Lib 114
International Office / Study Abroad Sarah Van Alebeek, Director 1096 CLA 322
Petrick Idea Center John Quarton, Director 309-454-3168  
Writing Center Billie Jarvis-Freeman, Director 3756 Ames 105
Writing Program Pennie Gray, Director 3446 CLA 316
Academic Affairs Offices Staff Phone Email Office
Academic Advising Shari Rich, Director  3532 Holmes 103H
Accessibility Services Jasmine Howe, Assistant Director 1355 Holmes 103L
Associate Provost's Office Rebecca Roesner, Associate Provost 3667 Holmes 211A
Associate Dean of Curriculum and Instruction Amy Coles 3301 Holmes 200C
Associate Dean of Scholarly and Creative Work Vacant      
Office of Grants and Foundation Relations Abigail Kerr 3902 Holmes 200
Provost's Office Abigail Kerr, Interim Provost 3058  
Registrar's Office Leslie Betz, Registrar 3384 Holmes 110
Small Business Dev. Center (SBDC) Sarah Gliege, Director  3580 SFH 308
Thorpe Center Amy Coles and Abigail Kerr 3902 Ames Lib 301