The Strategic Curricular Review Task Force (SCRTF ) began its work in November of 2006 upon the release, by Provost Beth Cunningham, of a memo (link) outlining its charge. The group began with seven faculty and two student members, and in the spring of 2007, two additional faculty members were added. In addition, the Director of General Education, Zahia Drici, has also participated fully in the work of the Task Force.

SCRTF began its review in the spring of 2007, and continuing into the summer, it has been preparing an overview of its progress for the Fall Faculty Conference on August 24th. To this point, the work of the Task Force has included meeting with departments and programs, conducting a student survey, studying programs at peer institutions, and analyzing existing reports and surveys (such as work done by the Assessment Task Force and by Curriculum Council, for example). In addition, members have communicated closely with the Writing Study Group, which includes two faculty from the SCRTF.

During the 2007-08 academic year, SCRTF will begin to concentrate on a brief list of central issues, outlined at the Fall Faculty Conference, in preparation for a published review of the IWU curriculum in late spring of 2008. Throughout the year, the Task Force will update faculty on its activities and host various sessions for faculty members to ask questions and share their thoughts. This website allows faculty members to communicate directly with the Task Force, at any time, about any aspect of its work, through the Feedback page. In addition, we will occasionally seek responses to particular questions, to be posted on this site, throughout the year.