2018-2019 Committee Assignments


Elective Committees 2018-19


Academic Appeals Board

Leslie Betz (Registrar) - convener

Andy Engen (U-Philosophy)

Dave Marvin (T-Business)

Leah Nillas (T-Educational Studies)


Assessment Committee

Thushara Perera (T-Physics) - chair

Given Harper (T-Biology)

Vadim Mazo (T-Music)

Jamie Peters (U-Accounting)


Council on University Programs & Policy (CUPP)

Mary Coleman (T-Humanities) BOT Rep - chair 

Ellen Furlong (U-Natural Sciences) - vice-chair

Meghan Burke (T-Social Sciences)

Teresa Fish (U-Nursing & PE, continuing) Fall 2018 only

Narendra Jaggi (T-Interdisciplinary Programs)

Jean Kerr (T-Fine Arts, continuing)

Molly Robey (U-Humanities)

Andrew Shallue (T-Natural Science) BOT Rep

Chris Sweet (T-Library)

Dave Willis (T-Business, Accounting, Finance, Econ)

Quentin Jackson (Student Senate President)


Curriculum Council

Leah Nillas (T-Social Sciences) - chair

Abbie Kerr (T-Natural Sciences) - vice chair

Nawaraj Chaulagain (U-Humanities)

Bill Kauth (T-Nursing & PE) Fall 2018 

Noel Kerr (T-Nursing & PE, continuing) Spring 2019  

Meg Miner (T-Library, continuing)

David Wallace (U- Business & Economics)

Kevin Sullivan - Associate Dean of Curricular and Faculty Development, ex officio


Faculty Development Committee (FDC)

Manori Perera (T-Chemistry) - chair

Joanne Diaz (T-English)

Will Jaeckle (T-Biology)

Ilaria Osella-Durbal (T-Economics)

Brandi Reissenweber (U-English)


Faculty Representatives to the Board of Trustees (serves on CUPP)

Mary Coleman (T-Philosophy)

Andrew Shallue (T-Mathematics)


General Education Task Force

Ann Eckhardt (T-Nursing)

Pennie Gray (U-Ed Studies)

Meg Miner (T-Library)

Dan Roberts (U-Mathematics)

Jim Simeone (T-Political Science)

Kevin Sullivan, ex officio


Hearing Committee

Robert Kearney (T-Business) - chair

Dave Bollivar (T-Biology)

Brian Brennen (T-Chemistry)

Stephanie Davis-Kahl (T-Library) Fall 2018 only

Scott Ferguson (T-Music)

Seung-Hwan Lee (T-Mathematics) Spring 2019 only

Mignon Montpetit Jolly (T-Psychology)

Adriana Ponce (T-Music)

Loni Walker (T-Biology)


Nominating Committee

Mignon Montpetit Jolly (T-Psychology) - chair

Thomas Blanchard (U-Philosophy)

Loralyn Cozy (U-Biology)

Manori Perera (T-Chemistry)

Adriana Ponce (T-Music)


Promotion and Tenure Committee (PAT)

Chris Callahan (T-French & Francophone Studies) - chair

Emily Kelahan (T-Philosophy) - vice chair

Edgar Lehr (T-Biology)

Brenda Lessen Knoll (T-Nursing)

Nancy Loitz (T-Theatre Arts)

Brad Sheese (T-Psychology)


Strategic Planning Coordination Committee (former SPBC)  

From President's Cabinet

Eric R. Jensen, President and Chair of the SPCC

Mark Brodl, Provost and Dean of the Faculty

Matt Bierman, Vice President for Business and Finance

LeAnn Hughes - Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Karla Carney-Hall, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Steve Seibring, Vice President for Advancement

Michael D. Thompson, Associate VP for Institutional Research, Planning & Evaluation

Julie Anderson, Executive Assistant to the President

From Board of Trustees

Ceasar Douglas '75 

Nancy Hutson '71

Daniel Jameson '80

John Jordan '57, Trustee Emeritus 

Thomas McKinney '76

Ron Ruecker '66

George Vinyard '71 

Jill York 

Faculty Representatives

(CUPP = 1-year term; at-large = 3-year term)
Bruno deHarak, Associate Professor of Physics, at-large representative, 3-year term 

Brad Sheese, Associate Professor of Psychology, at-large representative, 2-year term 

Rebecca Gearhart, Professor of Anthropology, at-large representative, 1-year term 

Mary Coleman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, CUPP Representative, 1-year term

Ellen Furlong, Assistant Professor of Psychology, CUPP Representative, 1-year term

Andrew Shallue, Associate Professor of Mathematics, CUPP Representative, 1-year term

Staff Representatives

Deborah Halperin, Director of the Action Research Center (exempt), 3-year term 

Michelle Wu, Director of Conference Services (exempt), 2-year term

Dale Conover, Manager of Custodial Services (non-exempt), 1-year term

Student Representative

Bob Ladd '19, President of Student Senate


Undergraduate Research Advisory Council (URAC)

Stephanie Davis-Kahl (T-Library) Fall 2018 only - chair Fall 2018

Emily Kelahan (T-Philosophy)

William Munro (T-Political Science)

Carolyn Nadeau (T-Hispanic Studies)

Tyler Schwend (U-Biology) Spring 2019 only

Gabe Spalding (T-Physics)


University Council for Diversity – 3-year term

Mark Brodl (Provost)

Karla Carney-Hall (Dean of Students)

Meghan Burke (T-Sociology)

Brandon Common (Asst. VP Student Affairs)

Amanda Hopkins (U-Nursing)

LeAnn Hughes (VP Enrollment and Marketing)

Greg King (Asst. VP Enrollment and Marketing)

Elyse Nelson-Winger (Chaplain)

Kwame Patterson (Dir. Office of Diversity and Inclusion)

Michael Thompson (Asst. VP for Institutional Research, Planning and Evaluation)

Brandon Taylor '20 (Student Senate Executive Board)


University Speakers Committee

Amit Ghosh (T-Economics)

William Munro (T-Political Science)


Appointive Committee Assignments 2018-19


Admissions Committee

Brenda Lessen Knoll (Nursing)

Dave Willis (Business)

Mike Weis (History)

Scott Ferguson (Music)

Becky Roesner (Chemistry)


Advising and Summer Reading

Ann Eckhardt (Nursing) 

Meghan Burke (Sociology)                

Dave Marvin (Business)

Zahia Drici (Mathematics)              


All University Judiciary Committee

Wes Chapman (English)

Adriana Ponce (Music)

Andy Engen (Philosophy)

Bill West (Music)

Bill Walsh (Business)


Bookstore Advisory Committee

Tian-Xiao He (Mathematics)

Tao Jin (Religion)

Michael Weis (History)           


Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning ( CETAL)

Diego Mendez-Carbajo (Economics) - chair

Brandi Reissenweber (English)

Scott Sheridan (French & Francophone Studies)


Council on Religious Life

Rebecca Gearhart Mafazy (Anthropology)               

Amy Funk (Nursing)


Faculty Committee on Diversity

Leah Nillas (Educational Studies) - chair

Wendy Kooken (Nursing)

Jeremy Sather (French, German, Italian, Japanese Lang.)

Karen Schmidt (Library)

Joe Williams (Psychology)

Zahia Drici (Mathematics)


Faculty Secretary

Becky Roesner (Chemistry)


Faculty Staff Recognition Committee

Manori Perera (Chemistry)

James Plath (English)

Thomas Blanchard (Philosophy)      

Monica Wong (Student Affairs)

Arleta deDianous (School of Nursing)

Ken Detloff (Physical Plant)

Doug Myers (Office of Residential Life)

Anna Bromaghim (Conference Services)

Londa Dunlap (Human Resources)




Carl Teichman (convener)

Abigail Jahiel (Environmental Studies)

Given Harper (Biology)                

Jeremy Sather (Japanese)

Christopher Sweet (Library)

David Vayo (Music)


Health Care Advisory Committee (HCAC)

Becky Altic (Nursing)

Jim Blumberg (Physical Plant)

Wes Chapman (English)

Mark Criley (Philosophy) 

Randy Crow (Physical Plant)

Jenny Hand (Institutional Research)  

Carolyn Nadeau (Hispanic Studies)

Ilaria Ossella-Durbal (Economics)

Bill West (Music)

Shannon Wisecup (Admissions)


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Thomas Blanchard (Philosophy)

Joe Williams (Psychology)

Abigail Kerr (Psychology)


Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Mignon Montpetit Jolly (Psychology)

Ram Mohan (Chemistry)

William Munro (Political Science)

Thomas Blanchard (Philosophy)

Brian Brennan (Chemistry)

Bill Hudson (Music)


Internship and Career Center Liaison Committee

James Plath (English)              

Mark Liffiton (Computer Science)

Amy Coles (History)

Loni Walker (Biology)

Maureen O’Brien (Accounting)

Library Advisory Committee

Seung-Hwan Lee (Mathematics)            

Tao Jin (Religion)

Will Jaeckle (Biology)    

Rebecca Gearhart Mafazy (Anthropology)

Robert Erlewine (Religion)

Mike Theune (English)


May Term Advisory Committee

Melinda Baur (Chemistry)

William Munro (Political Science)

Carmela Ferradans (Hispanic Studies)

Carole Myskofski (Religion)


Non-Org Convener

Carmela Ferradans (Hispanic Studies)



Mark Criley (Philosophy)


Pre Engineering

Thushara Perera (Physics)

Tian-Xiao He (Mathematics)

Gabe Spalding (Physics)


Pre Law

Jim Simeone (Political Science)

Andy Engen (Philosophy)

Dave Marvin (Business)


Pre Med

Loni Walker (Biology)

Thushara Perera (Physics)  

Becky Roesner (Chemistry)

Will Jaeckle (Biology)

Abigail Kerr (Psychology)


President’s Advisory Committee (PAC)

Dale Conover

Deb Halperin

Annorah Moorman

Andrew Reddington


Rogy’s Curriculum Advisory Council

Ann Eckhardt (Nursing)

Abigail Kerr (Psychology)


Rogy’s Family Advisory Council

Ann Eckhardt (Nursing)

Pennie Gray (Educational Studies)

Manori Perera (Chemistry)


Safety Committee

Jim Blumberg (Physical Plant) Chair

Mary Anderson (Physical Plant)

Melinda Baur (Chemistry)

Matt Bierman (Business and Finance Office)

Laurine Brown (Environmental Studies)

Karla Carney-Hall (Student Affairs)

Aaron Cook (Campus Safety)

Londa Dunlap (Human Resources)

Kyle Griffith (ORL)

Cindy Honegger (Natural Sciences)

Ram Mohan (Chemistry             

David Vayo (Music)

Meg Miner (Library)   


Staff Council

Ann Bromaghim (Conference Services)

Ray Martinez (ITS)

Annorah Moorman (Counseling & Consultation Services)

Andrew Reddington (Financial Aid)

Melanie Smith (Business Office)

Jeremy Spencer (Wellness)

Mitzi Timan (Nursing)

Linda Tuttle (Business Office)

Monica Wong (Student Affairs)


Student Life Committee

Brenda Lessen Knoll (Nursing)

Pennie Gray (Educational Studies)

Manori Perera (Chemistry)


Study Abroad Advisory Committee

Michael Weis (History)

James Plath (English)

Rebecca Gearhart Mafazy (Anthropology)

Chris Callahan (French & Francophone Studies)

Dan Roberts (Mathematics)


University Technology Forum

Mark Liffiton (Computer Science)

Joe Williams (Psychology)


Writing Committee

Christopher Sweet (Library)

Zahia Drici (Mathematics)

Jim Simeone (Political Science)