Office of the President

IWU Strategic Planning Coordination Committee (SPCC)

Cabinet Officers

Eric R. Jensen, President and Chair of the SPCC
Mark Brodl, Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Matt Bierman, Vice President for Business and Finance
LeAnn Hughes - Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
Karla Carney-Hall, Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students
Steve Seibring, Vice President for Advancement
Michael D. Thompson, Associate VP for Institutional Research, Planning & Evaluation
Julie Anderson, Executive Assistant to the President


Ceasar Douglas '75
Nancy Hutson '71
Daniel Jameson '80
John Jordan '57, Trustee Emeritus 
Thomas McKinney '76
Ron Ruecker '66
George Vinyard '71
Jill York ' 85


(CUPP = 1-year term; at-large = 3-year term)
Bruno deHarak, Associate Professor of Physics, at-large representative, 3-year term
Brad Sheese, Associate Professor of Psychology, at-large representative, 2-year term
Rebecca Gearhart, Professor of Anthropology, at-large representative, 1-year term
Mary Coleman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, CUPP Representative, 1-year term
Ellen Furlong, Assistant Professor of Psychology, CUPP Representative, 1-year term
Andrew Shallue, Associate Professor of Mathematics, CUPP Representative, 1-year term


Deborah Halperin, Director of the Action Research Center (exempt), 3-year term
Michelle Wu, Director of Conference Services (exempt), 2-year term
Dale Conover, Manager of Custodial Services (non-exempt), 1-year term


Que Jackson ’21, President of Student Senate



IWU 2020, Approved 2014