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Eric Jensen
Eric R. Jensen

MAP Grants – Letter to Students

Jan. 27, 2016

As you may know, the State continues to operate without a budget and funds for the MAP Grant you were awarded through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) have not been appropriated. We have been actively lobbying our local representatives, so that they understand the importance of this program to our students.

Since MAP Grants are awarded to you and not the University, it’s important that you too contact your local representatives about the importance of your MAP award. The Illinois House and Senate have started the new legislative session and we suggest that you let your local representatives hear from you as soon as possible. You can find your state representative’s contact information at the website here. In addition, you may want to reach out to Governor Rauner. He can be contacted through his website here

We want you to know that Illinois Wesleyan is committed to helping you through this situation once a decision on MAP funding has been made. As always, if you have any financial aid questions, please contact Scott Seibring or Andrew Reddington in the Financial Aid Office at (309) 556-3096.

Once again, it’s important that you join with us in communicating how much the MAP program means to you to the governor and the state legislature. Please take a few minutes to call or email them. A draft email follows for your convenience.   



Suggested Email for Students to Send

I am one of the 130,000 Illinois students whose financial need qualifies them for the state’s Monetary Award Program grant (MAP Grant). The MAP Grant is an essential part of my financial aid package and has helped my family and me to make my education affordable.

While my University credited my account for the MAP award this fall and has been very helpful regarding the current semester, I am concerned about meeting my spring semester fees and need your help.  

I respectfully ask that you appropriate funds for the Monetary Award Program, so that the commitment the state made last spring to students like me is fulfilled. Please keep the promise made to all of the MAP students and their families and remove the funding uncertainty of the MAP Program.