Inauguration of Eric R. Jensen

Lane Bennett '16

Call to Leadership - From the Students

Lane Bennett, Student Senate President 2016


Leadership is something that we presume to be one of the natural qualities of our University’s president, but what do we assume leadership to be? I kept trying to put the right words together to describe what leadership means to us students, but I kept coming back to the same thing every time. I could find no better call to leadership than what one of this University’s greatest leaders had used so many times to inspire students to do great things and that is, “Search for what is true. Stand for what is just. Strive to make a difference.” Former President Richard Wilson truly left a mark on this campus of what students expect to see out of our campus leaders.

In the search for truth, leaders must always seek out the thoughts and ideas of those that follow them. To stand for what is just, leaders will use their best judgement to ensure not only the betterment of the group but also that the group will see fair treatment from its leaders. The strive to make a difference is something that needs to touch everyone on a personal level.

In the time that I’ve had the privilege to work with President Jensen, I know he is committed in the search for what is true, in the stand for what is just, and is striving to make a difference in the life of every single student on this campus. President Jensen is working to bring the liberal arts education into the 21st century through collaborative engagement. To bring together students, faculty, staff, and administration to lead this University towards a brighter future.

The bar has been set on what we expect to see from our leaders, our challenge is to see that bar raised even higher under our new leader. President Jensen, the students of this campus are behind you on this journey towards greatness, and we know that with you striving to make a difference that we will find what is true, that we will stand together for what is just, and that our future can be only more promising. President Jensen, on behalf of all students I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to continuing to work with you on our University’s path towards greatness.