Policy for reserving the Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center may be used for small group meetings and gatherings and the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs encourages formal and informal utilization of the space.  Those student organizations wishing to meet regularly in the Center must contact the Multicultural Center and complete a reservation form.  Though the space is available to all students on campus, priority for meeting space will be given to Multicultural Student Organizations whose missions are consistent with the mission of the Center. 

The reservation form must be completed accurately to include:

  • student organization name
  • date / time of meeting
  • requested set-up
  • organization contact name / phone / email

Because of the limited space and configuration of the Center, only one student organization will be allowed to reserve the space for meetings at any given time.  In addition, the limited space of the center allows us to accommodate groups of 20 or less for formal meetings.  Please find room capacity for meetings below.

Main area / multipurpose room – 20 max (row seating)
Conference room – 8 max (conference style),  12 max (circle small group discussion)
Lounge area – 8 max (no furniture configuration changes available)

Reservation forms may be obtained from the Multicultural Center or via the Office of Multicultural Affairs website.  The forms may be completed at the Center, faxed to the Center, or the student representative may call the Center and provide a student representative with the information requested on the reservation form. 

Those who utilize the space for small group meetings and/or gatherings are asked to leave the space in its pre-event condition, particularly the kitchen area.  Any kitchen supplies/utensils belonging to the Multicultural Center that are used for an event must be cleaned, dried and returned to their original location.  Any supplies/utensils brought to the Center to be used for an event must be taken with the group / organization at the conclusion of the event. 

Those groups / visitors choosing not to comply with this request will not be invited to return to the Center for scheduled meetings and will not be allowed to reserve the space for the duration of one semester.  For example, if a student organization hosts a ‘Sunday Dinner’ during the middle of the fall semester, utilizes Multicultural Center pots and pans, and leaves those items in the kitchen sink after being used, that student organization will not be invited back to the Center until the middle of the spring semester.