Mathematics News

Archived News from 2013.


(12-20-13) Congratulations. IWU wins the 19th Annual MATH Challenge -- a regional mathematics competition.  The team -- made up of IWU students Tung Nguyen '15, Anh Dao '15, and Duc Nguyen '17 -- placed first out of 60 schools.  Special thanks to Dr. Ted Rice and Dr. Andrew Shallue for leading the team to victory.

Anh Huy and Tung majors lunch
From left: Anh Dao, Huy Do, and Tung Nguyen. 

(10-24-13) CongratulationsTwo IWU students, Derek England '15 and Kimberly Wenger '15, passed the Financial Mathematics actuarial exam this past summer.

(10-21-13)  Dr. Seung-Hwan Lee published the following two articles.  Note that the first one was published in collaboration with IWU math student Phillip Deng.
--"Analysis of Multiple Myeloma Life Expectancy using Copula," International Journal of Statistics and Probability, 2, 44-52 (2013).  Phillip Yulin Deng (IWU student), Eun-Joo Lee (Millikin University), Seung-Hwan Lee (IWU).
--"Stochastic Nature of Carbon Dioxide Hydrate Induction Time in Soil Mineral Suspensions," International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 14, 15-24 (2013).  Kyoungjin Lee (Stanford University), Woojin Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), and Seung-Hwan Lee (IWU).

(10-17-13)  Dr. Tian-Xiao He published the following two articles:
– "Expression and computation of generalized Stirling numbers." Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, 86 (2013), 239-268.
– "On the construction of number sequence identities." (with W.-S. Chou) Journal of Concrete and Applicable Mathematics, 11 (2013), No. 4, 277-291.

(10-17-13) IWU students are preparing for the annual Putnam Mathematics Competition.

(5-15-13) IWU mathematics student places highly in very prestigious national mathematics competition.  Tung Nguyen '15 placed 49th out of 4,277 participants in the prestigious annual William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition.

(4-25-13) Actuary Rated Top Job in the Country!  Many of the other jobs listed in the top 20 require good math skills.  This list also includes jobs such as Mathematician, Statistician, and Software Engineer.  Take a look at this article from  

(1-15-13) Dr. Tian-Xiao He, Earl and Marian A. Beling Professor of Natural Sciences and Professor of Mathematics at IWU, crosses the 100-publication mark.  A huge milestone for a mathematician.