Our faculty members are scholars who actively contribute to their disciplines of interest — such as linear algebra, operations research, graph theory, differential equations, probability, statistics, approximation theory, dynamical systems, numerical analysis, wavelet analysis, enumerative combinatorics, spline functions, computational mathematics, design theory, algorithmic number theory, cryptography, functional differential equations, stability theory, monotone iterative techniques and generalized quasi-linearization.

Our students have contact with these active professionals from day one as freshmen.

Our faculty welcome student collaboration, both in class and through independent research projects under their guidance.

  • Zahia Drici

    Professor and Chair of Mathematics Department

    (Research interests include: Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems, difference and functional equations, integral equations, and electromagnetic theory and its applications.)

    Contact: (309) 556-3669zdrici@iwu.edu

  • Melvyn Jeter

    Professor of Mathematics

    (Research interests include: Convexity, linear algebra, mathematical programming, and linear complementarity theory.)

    Contact: (309) 556-3069mjeter@iwu.edu

  • Tian-Xiao He

    Earl and Marian A. Beling Professor of Natural Sciences and Professor of Mathematics

    ( Research interests include: Spline functions, approximation theory, wavelet analysis, numerical analysis, enumerative combinatorics, and some topics in computational mathematics. )

    Contact: (309) 556-3089the@iwu.edu

  • Daniel Roberts

    Assistant Professor of Mathematics

    (Research interests include: Decompositions, embeddings, and labelings of graphs and hypergraphs.)

    Contact: (309) 556-3131drobert1@iwu.edu

  • Andrew Shallue

    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    (Research interests include: Algorithmic number theory and its applications to cryptography.)

    Contact: (309) 556-3587ashallue@iwu.edu

  • Seung-Hwan Lee

    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    (Research interests include: Non- and semi-parametric statistical analysis.  Personal webpage www.iwu.edu/~slee2)

    Contact: (309) 556-3421slee2@iwu.edu

  • Lucian Ionescu

    Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

    (Research interests include: Applications of mathematics (homological algebra methods and deformation theory) to quantum physics and quantum computing ... it's just a different kind of Calculus, where discrete changes are modeled as processes: Quantum Information Dynamics. An example desk-top application? Quantum Optics! (For more info see My Books ) My current research, as of 2010 or so, is in Number Theory as the Ultimate Physics Theory.)

    Contact: (309) 556-3146lionescu@iwu.edu

  • Michael Plantholt

    Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

    ( Research interests include: Graph Theory (particularly edge-coloring and decompositions) and Operations Research )

    Contact: (309) 556- 3668mplantho@iwu.edu