Futures in Mathematics

The future is bright for those who graduate with a degree in mathematics.

Mathematics graduates can pursue diverse career paths, including high-tech industries, many areas of business, the medical sciences, communications, or education.

Here is a sampling of some of the job titles that IWU mathematics graduates have held: Actuary, Archeologist, Attorney, Banker, CEO, CFO, Dentist, Financial Analyst, President, Professor, Research Scientist, Teacher, Web Developer, etc.  Please see our admissions site for a more comprehensive list of jobs that our majors have had.  

Our students also explore their future career opportunities by completing internships at various places such as Allstate, Amazon.com, and Target.  Click here for a more complete list of where Mathematics majors have interned.  Or, if you are interested in traveling, here is a Google map of where IWU students have interned.

Today's computer technology has led to a great demand for people educated in computational mathematics (such as operations research, statistics and numerical analysis) as well as in traditional mathematics.

 Teachers of mathematics are needed at all levels, and Illinois Wesleyan graduates with certification to teach mathematics have enjoyed excellent opportunities in the public schools.

Many students who want to become an actuary double major in Mathematics and Risk Management.  Please visit the student-run IWU Actuarial Society homepage, and facebook page to find out more.


Below, we have provided some links to see what others are saying about careers in mathematics.