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Assistive Services

These services ensure that users with disabilities have equal access to all library resources (print or online), to all library services, and to all library personnel. In addition, we realize that accommodations for users with disabilities will be based on the individual’s needs.

A student with a disability who thinks he or she may need any accommodation, including those listed below, should contact the Director of Student Accessibility Services, Jasmine Howe (103 Holmes Hall,, who can provide all appropriate information.  Students can also visit the Student Accessibility Services website for more information.

If you have questions about the library services listed below, please contact The Ames Library at or (309) 556-3172.  Appointments for these services are strongly encouraged, but not necessary. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests.

Research Assistance

Users are encouraged to come to The Ames Library for assistance in developing research strategies, locating relevant books and journals, and evaluating research materials. Librarians are available by appointment as well as on call at the Library Service during weekdays. Library hours can be accessed online

There are additional services that may be of interest to IWU faculty, staff and students:

  • One-on-One Research Consultation - IWU students, faculty and staff may schedule an appointment with a librarian to help you focus on your research needs. Librarians are available Monday - Friday, 1:00 pm - 4 pm, or by appointment.  Appointments can be scheduled in advance. For more information or to schedule your appointment, please contact your department’s library liaison. A list of liaisons is available online.
  • Library Service Desk - Email - IWU faculty, staff and students can email questions to an IWU librarian for research assistance. Emails can be sent directly to liaisons.


Users are encouraged to plan ahead to avoid last-minute requests for the accommodations listed below.

  • Scanning/OCR requests for research materials
    • If users need an article, book chapter, or other material OCR'd for screen readers, please email with the material to be scanned attached.
    • If the material is a physical item, please bring the item(s) to the Library Services Desk and fill out the request form (available at the Library Services Desk).
    • OCR'd material will be delivered to the student via their Google Drive.
  • Retrieving books from the stacks:
    • Users may request assistance in retrieving materials from the stacks at the Library Service Desk on the entry level of the library.
    • Users may call the Library Service Desk (309-556-3350) to determine if an item is on the shelf and ask that the item be retrieved and held for them.
    • Users may request assistance from library employees engaged in shelving library materials.
    • Users may submit a request through the Ames Catalog. Requests are processed daily, Monday – Friday in the morning. The user will be notified by the MegaSearch email notification system when the item is available for pick-up at The Ames Library Service Desk or they may check the status of the request through their MegaSearch account.
  • Reserve materials - IWU students, faculty and staff may request a longer loan period for reserve materials in order to use them with special reading equipment. Please contact the Reserves (309-556-3172) for more information.
  • Copying assistance - Users may submit a request for copies of print materials or microforms.  Requests for a journal article or a book chapter that is owned by The Ames Library in hardcopy or microform can be submitted through ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan).  The requested material will be scanned and posted as a pdf file to the user's ILLiad account. The user will be notified by the ILLiad email notification system when the requested item is available.  Requests will be processed within copyright guidelines.  If a hard copy is needed instead of an electronic copy, please contact and provide the title of the material(s) needed in print.  There may be a minimal cost for this service depending on the volume and type of request.
  • Telephone requests - Users may call to have library staff determine if a book, periodical or newspaper is on the shelf and ask that the item be retrieved and held for them. Please call: Library Services Desk: 309-556-3172

Delivery of Materials

Books, photocopies of articles, and other library materials identified by the user can be delivered to on-campus locations. Users are required to have identified the materials needed before requesting delivery. The library, the user and the Office of Residential Life will arrange details of delivery and pick-up of materials to occur within library hours to a mutually-agreed upon location.

Adaptive Technology

The library is aware that adaptive technology needs differ widely from person to person, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, the library and Student Accessibility Services will communicate and work closely with the user in order to clarify and fulfill adaptive technology equipment needs as they relate to academic needs.

The Ames Library Building

  • Library entrance & elevators - A ramp at the front of the building leads to a power-assisted door to the right of the main entrance. All main floors in The Ames Library can be reached by public elevator.
  • Spaces - Restrooms in the building are wheelchair-accessible. Aisles in the bookstacks, Information Commons, and the Instruction Lab are also wheelchair-accessible.
  • Furniture - The library has adjustable or accessible furniture throughout the building. The Instruction Lab and the Writing Center has a desk that can be raised to accommodate a person in a wheelchair, and within each Scholarly Workstation cluster there is an accessible desk. In addition, Beckman Auditorium has an wheelchair-accessible entry on the left side of the auditorium entrance, and seat arms can be raised.
  • Test-Taking/Tutoring - The library can provide space for students with disabilities who need a quiet space for extended test-taking or for meeting with tutors. Please contact Accessibility Services ( for more information.
  • Parking - Specially designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities are available on Ames Plaza East as well as in the parking lot on Park Street.
  • Evacuation procedures - Each stairwell level is equipped with a call box for emergency purposes. In the event of an emergency, library users with disabilities should wait at the nearest stairwell for assistance. Emergency personnel will be clearing the building during an emergency and will be checking the stairwells.

Service Animals/Emotional Support Animals

Service animals are allowed in any campus space. Emotional support animals are only allowed in a student's private residence or outdoor spaces (Emotional Support Animals policy, section 4.5.1). 



updated March 12 2024