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Posting Policy

  1. University Posting guidelines must be followed. A complete list of these guidelines is available in the Student Handbook and at the Dean of Students’ Office.
  2. Postings should only be placed on library bulletin boards. These are located in the entry way, and on all five floors in the Copy Centers. Postings placed elsewhere will be removed.
  3. If the posting is for a University-related event and has a clear date of completion, the poster will be removed after the date of completion.
  4. If the posting is for a University-related event that is happening throughout the semester on a weekly basis (e.g., Wednesday meetings for a club) the posting will remain up throughout the semester.
  5. If the posting advertises something that is not a University-related event but is relevant to students, it can remain on the bulletin board for short periods of time but will be removed at the library’s discretion.
  6. Postings should be no larger than 11 x 17.
  7. Only one posting per event per bulletin board. Multiple postings on a bulletin board for the same event will be removed.

For more information, or for clarification regarding any of the posting policies, please contact Stephanie Davis-Kahl, University Librarian at