The Ames Library

E-Record Transfer Guidelines

Please note that the format records are submitted in may be changed at the discretion of the archives. Every attempt will be made to preserve the informational content, but it may not be possible to preserve the electronic file type or exact visual style that records were created in. Contact University Archivist Meg Miner with questions/concerns.

You will be asked to fill out this form prior to transfer.

Acceptable Electronic Record Formats

Storage Device Delivery

Physical devices for the delivery of records in electronic format are listed in order of preference:

When necessary, place USB flash drives and floppy disks in an envelope labeled with identifying information and the transfer form linked above; notify the archivist by email.

Minimally acceptable information to include with the transfer are the creator(s) name and dates and a description of the contents. The completed transfer form linked above is strongly recommended to ensure enough information is available to preserve your great work!

Electronic Delivery

Some transfers may be made through by the methods listed below. Contact the archivist in advance.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


This information was adapted from a similar page created by the University Archives at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.