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Illinois Wesleyan is a highly selective liberal arts university founded in 1850.  It has become one of the top liberal arts institutions in the nation. Illinois Wesleyan's 2,000 undergraduate students come from across the US and from countries around the globe, and our graduates can be found in all 50 states and 52 nations.

Illinois Wesleyan produces successful graduates by offering top academics, highlighted by superb faculty providing individual attention in small classes, all within the backdrop of a fantastic campus. There are many aspects of the Illinois Wesleyan experience that might interest you.

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Ruth Tadesse ‘19

One of the biggest reasons, for me even stumbling across IWU during my college search, was it's recognition for having a really good Biology course. When I came to IWU, I thought I wanted to major in Biology to pursue a career in Public health, but two semesters of going back and forth between career planning sessions and speaking with professors, helped me realize I wanted to major in something completely different and now I'm an International Studies Major and health minor.

I think the most appealing thing about IWU is how flexible the system is, in the sense that changing from one major to another is not as much of a hassle and the staff and professors here help you discover your true potential and abilities! I like the idea that one decision doesn't decide your final fate!
Ojaswee Shrestha '18
Illinois Wesleyan is an academically challenging


What is a liberal arts education?

A liberal arts education teaches general knowledge and develops a student's rational thought and intellectual capabilities through a curriculum of humanities, social sciences, sciences, and mathematics, unlike the professional, vocational, and technical curricula emphasizing specialization.

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