Committee Members

Steering Committee
Interim Director of the Center Irv Epstein
Interim Associate Directors William Munro and Rebecca Gearhart
Director of Grants and Foundation Relations Carlo Robustelli

Provost Jonathan Green, ex officio
Chairs and Co-Chairs of each subcommittee:

* Chair: Mark Criley
Alex Bidner
Kelsey Brattin
Elizabeth Calderon
Chris Connelly
Mark Criley
Cathy Geehan
Deborah Halperin
Mignon Montpetit
Carolyn Nadeau
Huyen Nguyen
Ex officio members: Munro, Gearhart, Epstein.
* Chair: Sue Anderson
Nathan Douglas
Mark Jerue
Rosie Mallet
Nich Nichols
Scott Sheridan
Stacey Shimizu
Chuck Springwood
Joerg Tiede
Mike Weis
*Co-Chairs: Jim Simeone and Karla Carney Hall
Meghan Burke
Eileen Galvez
Narendra Jaggi
Franny Krieger
Elyse Nelson-Winger
Casey Plach
Adriane Powell
Colin Stewart
Veronica Watson
Off Campus Experiences
Chair: Laurie Diekhoff
Teddy Amoloza
Bob Geraty
Maggie Klees
Dave Marvin
Tom Quinn
Chris Tatara
* Co-Chairs Ann Aubry and Warren Kistner
Tina Brkovic
Genesis Brown
Stephanie Davis-Kahl
Michael Gorman
Darcy Greder
Elizabeth Kosuth
Lisa Mishra
An Nguyen
Nora Peterson