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3rd Annual Human Rights Undergraduate Workshop

Feb. 27-28, 2015

Theme: Human Rights and Free Expression 

Schedule of Events

Friday, February 27

4:00-4:20 pm

4:30-5:30 pm

5:45-6:45 pm

7:00-8:00 pm

8:15-9:15 pm

Saturday, February 28


8:00-8:10 am

8:10-8:50 am

9:00-10:00 am

10:15-11:15 am

11:30 am

12:45-1:40 pm 

1:50-2:45 pm 

3:00-3:45 pm

3:45-4:15 pm

State Farm Hall (SFH) 102 

SFH 108

Evelyn Chapel

SFH 102 

SFH 108

SFH 108   SFH 108 SFH 108 Faculty Dining Room SFH 104  SFH 108 SHF 108 SFH 108

Arrival and Check-in

Session A: Expression, Rights, and the Roots of Conflict

Jennifer Oswald, IWU (Voices of Gaza)

Calvin Waller, Luther College (Origins of Terrorism in India: Homeland or Borderland)

Introductions and dinner

“Hate Speech and the Limits of Free Expression”

John K. Wilson (Co-editor, AAUP AcademeBlog, Editor, Illinois Academe)

IWU Multifaith Ambassadors

“Wam! Bam! Islam!” Film and discussion

Greeting by IWU Provost Jonathan Green

Session B: Freedom of Expression and the Clash of Cultures

Betsey Fawcett, Luther (Islamist Recruitment)

Kemi Adeleye, IWU (The Clash between Freedom of Expression and Culture)

Session C: Expression, Engagement, and Collective Action

Nicole Jovicevic, IWU (Youth Engagement and Human Rights Through Case Studies

Sara Saltman, Macalester (No Title: Marriage and reconciliation after the Rwandan genocide)

Sarah Menke, IWU ( Your Story Matters: An Adaptation Theatre ––Piece with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington-Normal )

Session D: Resources, Exploitation, and Expression

Mike Dickinson, IWU (On the Global Water Crisis)

Emily Sena, Luther (No title: Conflict Diamonds)


Keynote Address, Professor Semahagn Gashu Abebe, Visiting Assistant Professor, Human Rights Institute, University of Connecticut and Scholar at Risk,The Implications of Anti-terrorism Laws on Freedom of Expression in sub-Saharan Africa.”

Session F:  Free Expression and the Media 

Joe Ruskey, IWU (No Title: Media)

Fabian Pop, Luther (Independent Media: Indigenous People in  Guatemala)

“Je Suis Charlie”: A Roundtable Discussion

Dr. Irv Epstein (IWU), Dr. Mark Criley (IWU), Chaplain Elyse Nelson Winger (IWU), Dr. Chuck Springwood (IWU), Dr. John K. Wilson (AAUP), Dr. Victoria Christman (Luther)

Closing Discussion: Moving Forward


Past workshop information

2014 -   Religion, Identity, and Conflict

  2018 - Revolution and Social Justice

▷  2019 - Changing Climates